Who wouldn’t want free stuff? Most people do like free things, and if you download files, this offer might be a good BOGO (buy one, get one) “freebie” offer that you could benefit from.

For as long as I’ve had an account there, LinkSnappy has offered free 30-day and 90-day vouchers when purchasing specific premium account packages:

Free multihoster services - BOGO special offer

Here is the breakdown of the actual cost per month of a LinkSnappy premium account when using the supplied vouchers, and comparing those costs to a different, but relatively similar premium account multihoster.

Service 30 days 90 days 180 days
LinkSnappy $13.26/€10.11/£7.99 $7.88/€6.01/£4.75 $6.27/€4.78/£3.78
PutDrive $13.11/€9.99/£7.90 $11.81/€9.00/£7.12 $9.84/€7.50/£5.93

Costs are USD/EUR/GBP as LinkSnappy’s service is in Pounds. Converted prices based on Google as of the time of this post

By using a LinkSnappy voucher / coupon code, with their 6-month premium account package, you’re able to get over half off the cost of purchasing a one-month premium account. While I do not personally recommend a lifetime premium account from a filehosting site or a multihoster service (or just about any service-type provider), I see minimal risk for purchasing a 90 day or 180 day premium account from a service that has been around for several years. Which, I believe LinkSnappy has been around for four years now.

Whether or not this freebie voucher offer from LinkSnappy is temporary or will last for a while, I don’t know. However, when you look at the costs for this multihoster spread out over 4 months (90 days + 30 free) or 9 months (180 days + 90 free): the per-month cost is flat-out cheap for this already-good-value premium multihost provider.

My recommendation? Pick up a 3 month or 6 month LinkSnappy Elite account. Of all of the multihoster services I recommend, getting a premium multihoster account for as little as $6.27/€4.78/£3.78 per month is as good as it gets. Plus, LinkSnappy’s service has good reviews, and they really seem active in updating filehosting site connections that need a tweak or repair. Overall, a good option, in my opinion.

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