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Linksnappy Torrent Downloader Review

In my nearly non-existent spare time I’ve been playing around with Linksnappy’s torrent downloader and wanted to take a bit of time to give an overview and a review of this relatively new Elite account feature. This isn’t my full review, but it’s a primer for it and it’ll be detailed like my Linksnappy Elite review, which I still stand behind.

Linksnappy torrent downloader video

Here’s a near-realtime video of a quick test downloading a few (4) files:

I’m currently crafting a detailed review, but here are some of the good and bad points of this torrent download tool:


  • You can download torrents without sharing your IP address with peers. Fantastic from a privacy standpoint.
  • Download speeds can be quite fast, I’ve seen downloads over 11MB/s, which may or may not be faster than your personal internet. It’s faster than mine would allow me to download.
  • For video files, you can stream some of them immediately from your member’s area, eliminating your need to download those files.
  • If the torrent is viable, meaning it has seeds and peers, it seems that it actually just works. I’ve used torrent download tools that stalled and had huge delays when trying to start downloading, but Linksnappy’s torrent downloader has worked very well when there are seeders and peers available for a file.
  • When downloading a file from Linksnappy that you downloaded using their torrent download tool, each connection gets up to 2MB/s download speed, which is pretty good. At least that’s what I’m seeing when I download using Chrome. Which, this will vary depending on your own internet connection.
  • Each account receives 15GB free storage for their torrent downloads. This is on the small side and could get filled quite quickly, but if they haven’t already done so I’ve seen mention that all members will receive 50GB storage as well. ¹


  • You have to upload the torrent file to Linksnappy in order to download it. Which, this means you can’t simply paste a torrent or magnet link into the tool. Though, it’s been stated Linksnappy is working on adding magnet support.
  • You cannot batch-upload torrent files. This is somewhat annoying, but you can see the process at the start of the video above, where I’m individually selecting torrents from a folder on my local PC. What happens if you batch-upload torrents is that they are all marked as ‘failed’ (or something close) and only one of them is added to the download queue when you go to start the download. Maybe it’s a browser-specific issue, but the one-at-a-time uploads could be very cumbersome if you want to download buckets of torrents at a time.
  • Not all video files will stream using Linksnappy’s built-in video streamer. I tried playing an .avi file, for instance, and it wouldn’t play on their site. I have played .mp4 files, though.
  • At present when you’re downloading files to your computer that you’ve downloaded using Linksnappy’s torrent downloader, you have to download each file individually. This will be a pretty big negative for some people. They are working on a zipping tool, though I’m not sure when that’s coming about. As I pretty much download videos, this doesn’t matter, but if you download something with several small files, or scores or hundreds of small files, you’ll not want to use Linksnappy’s tool for that right now. I’m honestly not sure how Linksnappy’s torrent download tool works with already-compressed container files (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc) – I’ll take a look at that before writing the full review.

Personally, I think the torrent download tool is a pretty fantastic addon for a Linksnappy Elite account. There are people who won’t like it because of the inability to batch upload or the lack of compression support at the moment, but it’s worked exceedingly well for me. It really allowed me to start using torrents again, which in some cases is just so much easier than trying to fire up jDownloader.

Be on the lookout for my full, detailed review and overview. I just wanted to get this out here as I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been able to do much of anything with my sites.

¹ I have 50GB storage for my account and have for a couple of months. My account was upgraded for testing purposes by Linksnappy. However, I pay for my Elite account like everybody else and my opinions shared here are my own based on my own personal experience.

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  1. I batch upload torrents on linksnappy all the time bro. I get the red highlighted thingy too but they appear in my account somehow lol. I guess its a bug.. but it works nonetheless. and they have added the compression feature too which is awesome. I can download games too now haha

    • Hi, I see there is a limit for torrents 50GB, is that daily? monthly?

      If a torrent contains several files, will it give you all the files to download in 1 link? are they compressed

      if you download a game, do they download the torrent fast? in the video there are only small files being dowloaded.

      • Best Multihosters (admin)

        April 17, 2016 at 8:01 pm

        I think that 50GB was given to me for evaluation purposes – last I looked in my other account, it was at 15GB, but I swear I read that they would soon be upgrading to 50GB quite a while back. That storage number is the persistent available storage, I have no idea how it factors into any daily limits – I assume that it doesn’t have any limits other than the overall storage size. If you don’t need something seeded or want to keep it on Linksnappy’s servers, you can delete past files to free up space.

        Yes, with Linksnappy you can zip and download an entire folder. This may not have been true when I wrote this last year, but it is true now and has been for quite some time. The zip feature seems to work well, but I’ve not used it much.

        Torrents can download quite fast, at least faster than I could download. I’ve seen speeds up to 15MB/s. Of course, I’ve had torrents fail, too, when there are no seeders – which should be a given. Every time I’ve downloaded files using the torrent downloader, they started right away – maybe within 1 minute or less – and finished quickly, too. Based on how I’ve used it, anyway.

        I’ve used the torrent download tool off and on for quite a while now, it’s pretty fantastic. It’s my go-to for torrents, prefer it over a VPN on my personal connection, plus I’ve downloaded up to 7Mbp/s from Linksnappy’s torrent storage, so that’s pretty fast, too.

        I realize you posted this a while ago, but I’ve been away. Hopefully it’s still helpful.

  2. Linksnappy was terrible for me.
    Download speeds were slower than using the free accounts with the file hosts, as in less than 10kb/s and dropped out every time.
    There is no refund guarantee, despite what is written on the site and getting your money back is almost impossible.
    I would not recommend Linksnappy to anyone, as it is the worst multi hoster I have used.
    Rpnet and were fantastic though.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      April 17, 2016 at 8:32 pm

      Did you contact support, either through their site or their Facebook page? I understand people have different experiences, but they seem to be quite good at addressing problems and giving out free premium days for downtime.

      I’ve had issues similar to what you’re saying with Zevera on occasion, but not yet with Linksnappy. Not to detract from your experience, these things can happen and can be that way for one user but work perfectly fine for another, even at the same time.

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