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Download Limits for Debrid / Multihoster Services

I was scrolling through comments on the multihoster list page and saw some comments that brought up a question that I thought deserved a post of its own. Specifically, why do multihoster / debrid / leech / link-generator services limit downloads on some hosters. I’ve seen this on other sites as well, people who don’t understand what multihoster services are, how they work, or what really should be expected of them. Continue reading

Unlimited Downloads – Facts vs Marketing

Most of us encounter the term ‘unlimited’ on a regular basis. Unlimited minutes. Unlimited texts. Unlimited data. Unlimited downloads. Whether it’s mobile phone service, home internet services or file downloads through a premium account filehoster or multihoster service, we’re bombarded with promises of unlimited access to unlimited data, simply for whatever one-time or monthly rate a company or service is asking for.

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Stopping jDownloader “Free Mode”

I’ve run into it from time to time: downloading files using a multihoster service and jDownloader, and for some reason one or more of the downloads that should be premium instead kicks into “free mode”. If you’re not familiar, “free mode” with jDownloader is when the software determines that you don’t have premium-account access to a specific file and so you can only download like a free member: with a captcha, download delay timer and slower downloads.

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LinkSnappy Torrent Downloader Review

I’ve finally been able to take a few moments to put together a short review for the LinkSnappy torrent downloader tool. Their name for it is a cloud-based torrent client, which is a more modern description of it. Either way, this tool allows you to take a .torrent file or magnet link and use a third-party site to direct-download those files to your computer or local storage device. Essentially an anonymization tool for torrent / magnet downloads.

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Multihosters and Net Neutrality: Opinion

Earlier this month, a part of the US government voted to reverse Net Neutrality rules. The idea behind Net Neutrality is pretty simple: internet service providers (ISPs) had to treat all data the same across their networks. They weren’t allowed to purposefully throttle certain sites, services or protocols, and they couldn’t give priority to certain services, sites or protocols over others. All data treated the same. These rules were set into place / hardened with a 2015 ruling.

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