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Slow vs Fast Downloads: Why It Happens

There are a huge number of factors at play when it comes to determining just how fast, or how slow, a particular file will download. It seems that a lot of people think that when they download a file, it should always download as fast as their internet service provider (ISP) will allow. Which, maybe this is the ideal situation for the end internet user, but this is hardly what happens in the real world. Not only are there technical and practical limits to things, problems may occur at any point of transmission or receiving data. Problems you may not be aware of that, and in many cases, problems that are completely out of your control.

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Do VPNs Let You Download Faster?

Something I noticed a long time ago is that, in some cases, when using a VPN (virtual private network) I was able to download files faster than using my direct internet connection. It didn’t happen all the time, but it did happen. Being a little more knowledgeable today, I now understand why this was and thought it might be a bit helpful to share it here as I’m sure others have experienced this phenomenon.

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Streaming vs Downloading

Even though this site is mostly dedicated to file downloads using premium multihost services, when it comes to videos, in a lot of cases, you do have an alternate option: online streaming. Here I’ll discuss some pros and cons of streaming vs downloading videos as well as when it might be beneficial to choose one versus the other.

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Increase Download Speed in Chrome

I’m an avid fan of Google’s Chrome browser. I have several different profiles in use and as much as I never thought something could replace Firefox as my go-to browser, Chrome did. The one thing I’ve never really liked about Chrome, though, is that some downloads seemed to max out at 2MB/s. Most recently, this was true for my seedbox-like downloads using my Linksnappy account, but I’ve seen it time and time again. Which, 2MB/s download speeds are great when you have a 20Mpbs or less internet connection, but I don’t, mine is faster. I wanted to download files faster, and I figured out how to do just that.

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Leechers vs. Hosters Download Speeds

From time to time I see comments where people compare the download speeds of a multihoster with a premium account from a filehoster that the multihoster supports. Or, for example – comparing the download speeds of a file from using a Linksnappy account versus downloading the file with a DataFile premium account to download that file. Sometimes, those download speeds don’t sync up where downloading a file directly from as a premium account member is faster than accessing that same file through a multihoster service like Linksnappy or Zevera or any other multihost / debrid-type service. There are reasons for that, and I’ll attempt to cover some of the more notable reasons here.

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