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Premium Account vs Multihosters

I’ve been using multihoster services since late 2011. It’s almost 2019, so a solid 7 years so far. I’ve also been researching them and writing about them for nearly as long. Over the years, I’ve seen variations of this comment pop up far too frequently in forums, on other blogs and even comments on my site:

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Keep2Share ( is a popular filehosting site. This filehoster stores a bunch of different types of files from video to audio to software, games and more. The thing is though, if you want to download a lot of files from Keep2Share, you’re going to need a premium account. Which, a Keep2Share premium account is great if you only want to download from Keep2Share as a premium member, but not necessarily the best option if you also want to download from other filehosting sites with high speed.

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New: Filehoster Comparison

I’m pretty stoked about this: I’m putting together a list of popular filehosting sites along with the multihoster services that support each of them. It’s proven to be a labor-intensive process, but it really is a labor of love because, well… I’m a geek and I love data and tables.

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Cheaper Premium Account (which is also is an uber-popular filehosting and sharing site. Personally, I see ( download links all over when I’m looking to download files. For example, here’s a screenshot from a popular download source for TV shows, movies, magazines and more:

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Filehosters Explained

There are actually quite a few different ways that you can download files to your computer or even mobile device nowadays. People who download files are probably at least familiar with some of them: torrents, FTP, Usenet and filehosting sites. The latter file download source is quite popular: seemingly growing in reach and downloads month after month for the last several years.

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