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No Records VPN Service

While I’ve defaulted to using Private Internet Access for my VPN needs for years, I also occasionally use a different VPN provider: Mullvad. I’ve been using VPNs for well over a decade and only stumbled on this service sometime in 2019, so I wanted to bring some more attention to the service.

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Do VPNs Let You Download Faster?

Something I noticed a long time ago is that, in some cases, when using a VPN (virtual private network) I was able to download files faster than using my direct internet connection. It didn’t happen all the time, but it did happen. Being a little more knowledgeable today, I now understand why this was and thought it might be a bit helpful to share it here as I’m sure others have experienced this phenomenon.

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Multihosters – Another Link in the Chain of Privacy

There seems to be a constant stirring of debate about the right to personal privacy and the government’s “right” and/or duty to have on-demand access to pretty much every aspect of our lives. This week it’s the FBI’s concern over smartphone encryption by Google and Apple. You can read some more of the ludicrous soundbites over here, but the gist of it all is that the government needs and even expects backdoors buit into everything. You know, so they can continue on with their warrantless wiretapping and whatever else succeeded and parallels that in the name of war on terror.

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Stop ISP Spying – Encrypt Your Internet

The notion of being some random, anonymous internet user online is largely a farce. We are being tracked almost everywhere with everything we do online. The sites we visit track us, some sites we visit try to follow us all over the web to identify what we do, governments are bulk-grabbing details of our browsing activities, gobbling up our emails and our other online communications. Our ISPs are privy to everything we do online when connected to our home internet.

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Hotkey Hide: Quickly Hide Folders and Files

You can download a lot of files using a premium multihoster or torrents or any other type of file-download option, but sometimes you don’t want those files accessible to other people who might be using your computer. And, sometimes, you need to hide those files or certain private folders quickly – like a “panic button” type situation.

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