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Move to Multihoster Testing

I’m going to make a slight shift in approach with this website. Namely, I’ll move toward video tests of multihoster services rather than how I’ve handled most multihoster reviews to date. I’ll also give a more-rounded view of the services: rather than focusing solely on jDownloader downloads, which I personally prefer, I’ll work to record sessions using whatever download tools a multihoster services has to offer their members. At least those that I can test.

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Website Updates – 2017

This website needs a major content overhaul. I started this website in 2013, and some 4 years later, some of this information is outdated and in desperate need of updates. Life got turned upside down during that period, and projects like this took the back burner, even with the best of intentions to keep things moving along. It’ll take some time to fix old posts, and it’ll be an ongoing process. One which I’ve slowly started.

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Upcoming Update: Filehoster List Revision

It’s been almost two years since I published, and last updated, the filehosting site list. Which, it lists filehosters, but alongside them are the multihosters that purport to support them as part of their membership. It is extremely outdated, but I also took a shortcut in creating it initially, which made it nearly impossible to easily update. I’ll be fixing that asap.

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Site Maintenance – Saturday, May 7th

This site has been here on this server for about 3 years, but it’s time to move on…. I’ll be migrating to a less-overloaded and so-far seemingly faster server here this evening, and there may be some intermittent issues while DNS bounces back and forth. Ultimately I hope to have near-zero downtime, but there will be a 30 or so minute window after the DNS update where some functions of the site won’t work while I remap some things.

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2016 Multihoster Reviews

I’ve been away for a while and generally focused on other things for the past couple of years. Now that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, it’s time for some updates, and some updated reviews and ideally updated video tests. Truth be told, the only multihoster I’ve used in maybe the past 8 months is Linksnappy, which it’s only been the torrent-download tool save a few random files, which is as fantastic as always, but it’s much overdue to see the state of other multihoster services I write about on here as well.

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