Just noticed when logging in the other day that Deepbrid added 15 servers in Germany and updated their link-generation system.

There were also a couple of updates on Facebook recently:

It’s always good to see that a multihoster is working on making their service better or faster for members.

As is evident by the latest download tests, I started working on my Deepbrid review / testing, again, but had some stuff come up and the premium membership expired. A full-time job and family, often that takes up most of my day. However, I will eventually get to it.

If you’re looking for a multihoster service, Deepbrid’s 30-day package is pretty cheap, so I recommend you give them a try. Like I said, it’s good to see that a multihoster / debrid service works to improve things rather than those who appear to barely make an effort to keep their supported hosters working.

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