For as long as I’ve been doing this, which is writing for blogs and website over 10 years for myself, I don’t think I’ve ever asked this question: what are your questions about downloading files?

I’ve been downloading files since maybe 2003. That’s 12 years and I’ve used torrents, ftp sites, usenet, other p2p software, multiple file download managers, browser addons/plugins for downloading files, filehosters, multihosters and scoured search engines for downloads on any type of site imaginable (well, in the public web, not the deep web). I’ve learned a few things about protecting your privacy while downloading files, figured out how to game the system when trying to only download files for free and just in general have a ton of knowledge about how and where to get files to download. I can’t really answer questions about the ‘where to download files’ on this site, but have another where I can.

So, what I’m asking is this – what questions do you have?

You can just leave a comment below with your question and I’ll attempt to answer it in the form of a post shortly. If you don’t want your comment published, that’s fine. Just state that in the comment as all comments are moderated. And, if you want me to notify you when the answer to your question is posted, leave a real email address in the appropriate field below.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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