Best Multihoster Service for 2014:

Download from 85 filehosters as a premium member plus get direct torrent downloads in ONE account

Filehoster premium accounts are a great way to enjoy one-click, high-speed downloads. Multihosters are an even better option for people who download files: instead of having access to high-speed downloads from a single site, you can download files fast from multiple websites. However, there is an even better option available today. A service that not only gives you direct-download access to 85 sites through a single account, but gives you the option to direct download torrents to your computer.

December 17, 2014 – For a limited time you can turn a 180-day account into a 360-day account for free! Check out the details below, or go ahead and grab this special offer today.

Filehoster Premium Accounts + Torrent Downloads

Innovative Multihost - Premium Accounts + Torrent Downloads

The service that bundles premium accounts and torrent downloads into one is called PutDrive. Unlike traditional premium multi-hosts like this popular service, PutDrive takes downloading files online to a whole new level. Using PutDrive, you can download torrent files to your computer just like you download files from other websites: no p2p software or bittorrent client required!

What’s more, torrent downloads with PutDrive protect you from the huge security hole that bittorrent filesharing suffers from: broadcasting your IP address to all the connected peers. Using PutDrive to download files allows you nearly limitless freedom in terms of which types of files you download: it supports all of the popular filehosting and sharing sites like

  • Bitshare
  • Megashares
  • Filefactory
  • Filemonster

And many more, plus it gives you the option of downloading torrents to the cloud at incredible speeds where you can right-click and direct download those bittorrent files straight to your computer’s hard drive.

PutDrive is more than just a simple multihoster: it’s like getting a Multihoster + Seedbox in one.

100GB Free OziBox Cloud Storage with Multihoster Account

Your premium PutDrive account gives you a free, 100GB account with OziBox, an online cloud-storage provider. Store your files or use it to download torrents anonymously to the cloud where you can enjoy right-click, direct downloads of torrents to your computer.

A 100GB online cloud storage account can easily run you $10 / €10 per month by itself, and it’s included free with your PutDrive account.

Safe and Anonymous Downloads

PutDrive allows you to download files safely and anonymously. Unlike downloads that you perform on your own, whether they’re direct downloads from premium filehosters like, or or torrent downloads, your IP address is broadcast to the sites and other users when you’re downloading torrent files. Using PutDrive’s service, however, your IP address is hidden and makes downloading files safer for your privacy.

Start downloading files faster, more anonymously today

You can start downloading torrents directly, get premium-like access to 85 file-hosting and sharing sites plus get a 100GB online storage account by heading over to PutDrive and signing up today. PutDrive is truly one of the best, if not the best, file download option for 2014 for people who like freedom and speed when it comes to downloading files.

Supported Sites

Download from these file hosting sites, video streaming sites and more with your PutDrive premium account:




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