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2014 Filehosting Sites List

Here is a list of popular (and semi-popular) filehosting sites along with the multihoster services that support downloads from them.

This list is a work in progress! It will take some time to gather and add all the information.

Disclaimer: I will do my best to be sure that the appropriate filehosters are listed alongside the multihoster account providers that support them, but I cannot guarantee that the listed filehosters will work with the listed multihosters or that they will be supported. Look first before buying, please 🙂 More details on the table data can be found below the list

Last Updated: August 3, 2014

HosterFree / PremiumEURUSDMultihoster Support
Rapidgator.netPremium9.6812.99LinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Depfile.comPremium19.9926.83Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Uploading.comPremium7.419.95LinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive
Netload.inPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Bitshare.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
FileFlyer.comPremium5.587.49Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Filefactory.comPremiumMultihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Freakshare.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Crocko.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Turbobit.netPremiumLinkSnappy, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
1st-files.comPremiumPutDrive, Zevera
Megashares.comPremium7.419.95LinkSnappy, Multihosters, Zevera
Mediafire.comFreeMultihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
4shared.comFree0.000.00LinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
1fichier.comPremiumLinkSnappy, PutDrive, Zevera
Hugefiles.netPremiumLinkSnappy, PutDrive
2shared.comFreeMultihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Filecloud.ioPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Filepost.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Dizzcloud.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Vip-file.comPremiumLinkSnappy, MyDownloader
Letitbit.netPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader
Keep2share.ccPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, MyDownloader, PutDrive
Bayfiles.netUnknownLinkSnappy, PutDrive, Zevera
Datafile.comPremiumLinkSnappy, PutDrive, Zevera, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Oboom.comFree0.000.00LinkSnappy, Multihosters
Firedrive.comPremiumLinkSnappy, Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Easybytez.comPremiumLinkSnappy, PutDrive, Zevera
Filemonster.netPremiumPutDrive, Zevera
Unibytes.comPremiumMultihosters, PutDrive, Zevera
Filemonkey.inPremiumPutDrive, Zevera
Share-online.bizPremiumMyDownloader, Zevera
Datafilehost.comFree0.000.00PutDrive, Zevera
Lafiles.comPremium10.4213.99MyDownloader, PutDrive, Zevera
Rarefile.netPremium9.6112.90LinkSnappy, PutDrive
Filesabc.comPremium8.9912.06PutDrive, Zevera
Deezer.comUnknownPutDrive, Zevera
Uptobox.comUnknownLinkSnappy, PutDrive, Zevera
Zippyshare.comFree0.000.00Multihosters, PutDrive, Zevera

Filehoster list info

This list of filehosting sites was compiled by manually recording the currently-listed-as-working hosters for each of the following multhioster services:,,, and as of the last updated date above. In a future update, which I hope to update this list quarterly, I will include more multihosters as I have time to review them.

List columns

  • Hoster – A filehosting site with multihoster support. At this time I am not including video-streaming or “tube” sites supported by multihosters, but that may change in the future. By default, I try to list the most popular hosters first, but you are free to sort the list of services as you please.
  • Free/Premium – Indicates whether a filehoster primarily offers free downloads or has a premium account option. Most filehosting sites allow you to download some files for free, but to get parallel downloads, or remove other download limits, you must either purchase a premium account or use a multihoster account that supports the filehosting site.
  • EUR/USD – The price for 1 month of service in Euros or US Dollars. Some filehosters list payments in Dollars whereas others use Euros. Any currency conversions are done using Google, searching for €9.99 to USD, for example. Actual converted prices may vary, and prices are accurate as of the last-updated date above.
  • Multihoster support – The list of multihoster services that are marked as supporting the filehosting site at the time of the last update. They are listed alphabetically to avoid any sense of favoritism.

Comments Note: Comments are welcome here, but if they’re derogatory, demeaning or negative in nature, they will not be published.


  1. I was with very long (about 3 – 4 years) and always been happy with them. But then I terminated the account of my long-time Usenet provider (because it became yet another one of the countless victims of Highwinds’ Usenet monopolization strategy = Got bought up by Highwinds like so many Usenet providers during the last two years. Sidenote: If this is going to go on the way it has, only Highwinds and one or two small alternatives will prevail as Usenet back-end sellers, basically doing the content/DMCA-industry a huge solid). So I wanted to check out the Usenet-offer, like torrents this should be included in your account.

    Alas I’ve gotta say the experience was a bad joke. I’ve got plenty of Usenet experience and never had any problems logging in or downloading from any other Usenet provider before. But my login details provided by always led to the same “Can’t log in. Authentication required” error. So I got myself a support ticket, explaining the details of my problem -> Still no answer after one week so I increased the priority rating of my inquiry. No answer after 10 days. Got on the premiumize site and retrieved their direct support mail address and sent my question there too. Never got any answer. Very nice way to treat a long time costumer.

    On top of that they can’t provide support for anymore (with no estimate if or when it comes back) which I would have grudgingly accepted, if it wasn’t for their total lack of customer service. They also had huge problems with rapidgator for a while. That seems fixed for the moment though (my contract is still active for 5 days)

    But at least this situation led me to explore the rest of the Multihoster world for the first time. At first – following your recommendation – I tried Zevera but even though your experience seems pretty much otherwise, I’ve got plenty of problems with them actually receiving error/fail messages at least 3/4 of the time (no matter if per browser- or JDownloader DL) when trying to load from, rapidgator, turbobit, filecore etc. Also there always are a lot of downtimes with several services.

    So, despite still having 15 days left over with zevera, I opened up a putdrive account. Their cloud downloading hasn’t worked once yet but downloading through JDownloader works much better than with zevera. Only one unsuccessful DL (uploaded) till now but was able to get the file through a different filehoster link.

    Still, probably going to check out linksnappy next. They leave a pretty good impression.

    You can move my comment to another article if it would fit better to another topic. The main reason I posted here is to let you know that zevera supports ryushare (not mentioned in the lost above). Actually that even was one of the few hosters, Zevera’s service always worked with.

    Greetings, DenBot

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      March 8, 2015 at 1:27 pm

      DenBot – Sorry for the misunderstanding. Your comment was not deleted – it simply wasn’t published instantly. All comments are moderated and manually approved before publication. If you saw your comment on the page after you posted, it was just a thing with WordPress showing you how it’d look when it was published.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      March 8, 2015 at 1:38 pm

      Also, Yea – Putdrive’s Cloud Downloader was not good when I tried it. I downloaded some files to the cloud storage, but the failure rate was unacceptable. I use jDownloader with Putdrive. Their Quick Downloader worked ok the few times I tried it, but jDownloader was just easier.

      Out of all the multihosters I’ve personally used, Linksnappy is more reliable overall. I’d probably go with Zevera if I had to choose between Linksnappy and Zevera only because they support more hosters that I see when downloading files, but also because I’ve been using Zevera since 2011 and Linksnappy only since last year.

      Any multihoster is going to have issue with some hosters at least at some points, but I think they’re the best options for direct downloading when you have a lot of different hosters to choose from when downloading files.

      • I have been lurking around on jdownloader forums and their developers really hate zevera because of its poor backend. I am a developer myself and agree with them. Zevera claims to support a lot of hosts but only few of them really work. The ones which work are the ones which no one uses. Linksnappy supports all of the popular hosts I want so I would stick with them as long as they provide a reliable service.

    • I do not believe there is an actual fully working multihoster service at this time.
      I tried all available offers in the last 3 months with different OS and means of download. Non of hosters give all of what’s advertized. Zevera is rather unreliable with services being available and speed given. Same experience with others. The only previously working service is dead, as of January 2015 cut services 10 times for active accounts and stopped responding to service requests. They are on the way out of the market. The only way (unfortunately expensive) purchase individual accounts. JDownloader has discounted links, I grabbed uploaded – 2 years for 85 euro. Ryushare I have still good till fall. Will go from there.

      • Best Multihosters (admin)

        March 12, 2015 at 1:38 pm

        I don’t know that there is such a thing as a “fully working” multihoster service, at least in terms of every single supported filehosting site working at every given moment unless the multihoster only supports a small number of sites. Even then you’re going to run into issues from the multihoster’s end every now and then. That is, unless there’s some sort of non-standard agreement between the filehoster and multihoster service. Still, though, technology is fallible.

        Purchasing individual premium accounts makes the most sense if you really only need one or two filehosting sites. Or, you can make due with one or two. I download files from scene release sites – TV shows. That’s about it. There are dozens, scores or hundreds of different download links there from 10-30 different filehosters, so in cases like that, a multihoster that supports a wide range of sites could be much more beneficial. Which is why I like and primarily use Zevera. It works well for me based on my needs.

        There’s risk with either option – using a multihoster or a filehoster’s premium account. With a multihoster, the greatest risk I think is that if you’re limited in the sites you can download files from and that site or those sites are not working with the multihoster, you’re out of luck. By and large, multihosters outlast filehosting sites. Premium account filehosters, though, those are the services more likely to shut down or get taken offline by some legal action. They are also the services that pose more risk for privacy if their servers are seized, for instance.

        In the grand scheme of things, the risk of a site going offline is relatively small, at least if it’s a popular, mainstream site. However, prominent examples include Megaupload, Fileserve and Filesonic – the latter two which I had premium accounts with at the time they closed or basically castrated their own services (Filesonic) and screwed over premium account members. Or,, too. I could probably think of more.

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