It’s been almost two years since I published, and last updated, the filehosting site list. Which, it lists filehosters, but alongside them are the multihosters that purport to support them as part of their membership. It is extremely outdated, but I also took a shortcut in creating it initially, which made it nearly impossible to easily update. I’ll be fixing that asap.

The new filehoster list will contain most of the features of the current version, except I’ll keep records in a database versus a spreadsheet, which will make managing it much, much easier. I was quite excited and proud even when I first mentioned it, and am equally so right now. The thing about me – I love data and charts and working with databases… so it’s a fun project. The benefit for you, as a visitor, is that you can see which multihoster services support which filehosting sites (or claim to support, anyway). I’ll only be using multihosters from my list of tested Multihosters, so at least from my perspective, it’s at least a decent resource for finding a better service that might work for your downloads.

There’s no exact ETA on when it, but it’s right at the top of my list along with updating some multihoster reviews at least, and maybe reviewing one or two more new services. I have started the designing the database layout (using mind-mapping software, which is quite nice), so it’s still in the early stages, but it doesn’t take much time for me to write a front-end interface, and it is likely to be here within the next month or so.

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