I’m pretty stoked about this: I’m putting together a list of popular filehosting sites along with the multihoster services that support each of them. It’s proven to be a labor-intensive process, but it really is a labor of love because, well… I’m a geek and I love data and tables.

So, in any case, here’s the page: List of filehosters.

You can see the multihoster’s supported filehosters comparison chart to compare which multihoster services support which filehosting sites (premium or free) at a glance. This can help you decide which multihoster service to choose, or maybe which multihoster service you might want to avoid.

Some multihoster services actually list the names of the services they support, others only show you little, tiny icons (ahem.. LinkSnappy…), and that’s a hassle to hover over all of these to get the names of the filehosting sites you can download from. Well, that’s what I did while putting together this list: saved you the eye-strain and the hassle 🙂

It’s not up-to-the-minute data, as that’s not possible without collaboration from all the multihoster services, but it’s a useful, quick-reference guide to give you an idea of which premium multihoster accounts will download from which filehosting sites.

Again, here’s the link to list / chart.

Supported filehosters by multihoster services chart

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