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I’ve been working on a project the past couple of weeks, and it’s about ready to open its doors for a private beta of sorts. 10 readers here will have the ability to access the service without cost with a limited lifetime membership.

About the service

The service is a compilation of how-to guides and resources that could be very useful for downloading files. The membership is specifically geared towards people who are new to the idea of downloading files or who might like some help with how to do certain things. People who want to find more download resources, advanced tricks for finding the files you want, easy ways to get media converted to the filetypes you want to use and so on. Stuff that I maybe can’t share on here and likely wouldn’t if I could because of this site’s narrow and specific focus.

Any of the information available within the membership is either available online for the asking (or searching) or through months or years or trial and error as well as experience. For some people, the membership will be of little benefit. If you’re happy with your level of knowledge and ability to find and download files, then the offer on this page is not for you. I may open something else up a little later on for visitors here, but the benefits for either side if experienced downloaders take part in this initial offer will be very minimal.

To be clear, there are no downloads available through the membership. The site does not host files or link to any files. It does not include or offer any proprietary software, and if you have the technical skills and/or time, you can probably eventually figure most of this out on your own. If you want a shortcut through the potentially huge time investment or want to better-protect yourself while downloading files, it might be a good option for you.

How to sign up

Right now, I’m accepting applications of interest by way of submitting your email address through the comments field below. All comments are moderated, so your email address will not be published or public. If you submit a comment or question, however, I’ll publish that unless you specify otherwise. Please be sure your email address is valid. I don’t care if it’s your primary email or a throwaway account, but if I can’t send an email response to you to give you the signup page, you won’t be able to take part. Ideally don’t use Yahoo or Hotmail addresses, they’ve been overly strict in the past.

I do not have an exact ETA on opening the membership, but it should be within a couple of weeks. This page will be updated once the slots are filled and then again once the emails have gone out.


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  1. This could be a good project. best what to do right now in the beginning is aim your central public, forget about the people over the web right now, and try some local business that aims work by the web (because my thought is, if this people can already reach some site, can probably reach the youtube, and there’s almost anything right there, BUT, someone that is think about a change of market, scenario, expansion of market, whatever, will probably wanna have this idea for make a good and solid base for step up with the right foot on this new technological era, anyway that’s just what i think.) once they reach the web space, teach them about the web TOOLS (like upload files on cloud, like, mega, uploading, 4shared, teach they about the transcendence of from email {that’s limited about 25 MBs in most cases}, for others platforms there is ALMOST no limits of data [because of course someone that is starting using tools like that will not in the first time upload 10+ Gbs in a single file {or maybe yes, idk}] and for final tel about the your superior courses in comparison of web tutorials, and help-desk, etc. ) i think is pretty much it… idk if i did myself clear, forgive me for some fault, my mother language is not english XD. and have a really successful business.

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