You can download a lot of files using a premium multihoster or torrents or any other type of file-download option, but sometimes you don’t want those files accessible to other people who might be using your computer. And, sometimes, you need to hide those files or certain private folders quickly – like a “panic button” type situation.

Though there are plenty of panic-button-type addons and extensions for popular web browsers, a browser extension won’t help you hide pictures, videos or other documents already stored on your computer’s hard drive. This is where a panic button shortcut software comes in: hide private files and folders with a Windows hotkey combination:

Hotkey file-hiding software

Hotkey to hide private folders and files with a hotkey shortcut

Normally, it takes several steps to hide files or folders on your Windows computer. With Supreme Folder Hider, it only takes a single shortcut hotkey combination to hide or unhide folders or files: images, videos and more. Hide or unhide as many files or folders as you want, within a second, when the need arises.

Supreme Folder Hider not only runs silently in the background by not showing up in your task manager list of running applications, but it can be invisible, too. You can prevent people, even people who are using your computer, from knowing that you have hidden files and folders and prevent them from seeing the application running in the system tray. What’s more is that you can password-protect your settings which prevents others from being able to access your hidden files and folders even if they know or accidentally click your hotkey combination. Plus, your hidden files and folders won’t show up in your recent documents or recent folder history – this is an important part of keeping your hidden, private data private.

Keep hidden files and folders safe

People have all kinds of reasons for wanting to prevent others from seeing their files, whether they’re mp3 audio files, video files, pictures and images or data-type documents. Maybe there are things on your computer that you don’t want your kids, siblings, spouse or co-workers to see, but these other people have access to your computer, and may even use your computer while you’re away. Supreme Folder Hider is an easy-to-use, professional-grade file-and-folder hiding software that will protect your files from prying or curious eyes whether you’re around or not. What’s more is that even if your computer is rebooted or somebody is looking for files via the command prompt, your secret files and folders will remain hidden.

How important is your privacy?

You want your secret files to remain a secret, right? I know I have files on my computer, such as photos of my wife and I on our honeymoon, that I certainly don’t want my kids seeing, but my kids use my computer sometimes. Tucking files away in some obscure C:/ drive folder just isn’t enough. If you want to keep your hidden files hidden, and you want to be able to hide them, quickly, with the press of a couple of buttons or a mouse click, you need software like Supreme Folder Hider.

People can’t unsee what has been seen, so with this software, you can prevent others from accidentally seeing, or even purposely finding your most sensitive and private files and folders.

Check out this folder hiding software today to help keep your personal files personal.


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