Do you need to have a high-speed internet connection to use multihoster services?

Yes. At least, if you want to enjoy most of the benefits of premium downloads. Any type of premium account from filehosting sites or a paid download membership from debrid or multihoster-type sites like Linksnappy really require that you have a higher-speed internet connection. Free downloads from filehosting sites are generally limited in speed, which my best guess at the average is 200KB/s, which is about a 1.5Mbps-2Mbps connection from your ISP. These speeds are common for DSL and 3G mobile or other wireless internet networks. If your internet service’s maximum download speeds are around 200KB/s, it probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense to purchase any type of premium account, let alone a multihoster account as you wouldn’t be able to download files much faster.

However, at the same time, using a multihoster service even if you have a slower internet connection, you are able to bypass download restrictions and limits imposed by filehosters when you’re downloading using a supporting multihoster service. So, from that perspective, using a multihoster to download files even with a slower internet connection can make it a lot easier to download all the files you want. Really, it’s up to you to decide whether the “unlimited” downloads or close-to unlimited downloads are worth the investment even if you don’t have the fastest internet connection to download files with.

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