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Linkifier – Testing and First Thoughts

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Recently I stumbled on a new multihoster service: Linkifier. Apparently the service started in 2015, though I only find info on the Linkifier Facebook page from 2016. Regardless of when this premium multihost service first opened its doors, the service is new to me.

The service purports to support 80 different sites, and as of this writing 74 are marked as online and active. Part of that total is video-streaming sites, which is common across this industry. I can’t think of a similar service that actually lists download hosters and streaming hosters separately in their ‘supported hosts count’ totals.

I was able to use Linkifier a couple of times before life got exceptionally busy. So, this really isn’t a full or necessarily fair Linkifier review, rather an icebreaker to introduce the service on this website and to give my initial thoughts of using the service. Some of this information is fuzzy as I apparently deleted my video of the tests, but am relying on screenshots, emails and memory. I tested the service approximately 3 weeks ago.

March 2018 - I'm in the process of writing a Linkifier review, but in the meantime, you can see some video test of the service on the download tests page.

jDownloader support

When I download files, I prefer to use jDownloader, and Linkifier is a supported premium hoster / service. I don’t know if I missed it within the member’s area or they don’t actually mention it, but you can use your Linkifier account with jDownloader. I tested using several different hosters with jDownloader: Nitroflare, Uploaded/, Rapidgator, Filefactory and Everything except Rapidgator worked fine — one of my Rapidgator files actually counted download data multiple times as shown on the hoster status page. This wouldn’t be a big deal with an unlimited hoster, but with Linkifier, Rapidgator is limited to 5GB per day. That one, 500MB file ate up most of my daily allowance for Rapidgator. This behavior seemed unique to jDownloader as I was able to download through the member’s area download page without this problem.

December 18th, 2017 – I was informed Linkifier has fixed this issue with jDownloader and Rapidagtor.

Member’s area link-generator

This is the part where things get a little fuzzy. I generated multiple links through the link generator form in the member’s area, but only remember a few filehosting sites I tried specifically: Depfile, Nitroflare, Datafile, Keep2share and Rapidgator. As mentioned, the Rapidgator download worked fine through the link generator, but Keep2share links did not. I cannot remember the outcomes of Depfile, Nitroflare and Datafile, only that they must’ve worked as I didn’t report an error with them. I did submit an error report for Keep2share, and that support message was responded to within about a day (not sure exactly due to likely time-zone differences) and the keep2share issue was fixed. I did not follow up to test the Rapidgator with jDownloader issue, but did verify that Keep2share download links were working.

For me at the time, the member’s area link generator worked better than jDownloader, but both worked sufficiently well and support actually responded to and addressed reported issues. Which, that’s a huge plus.

Random thoughts and impressions

Maybe I missed it, or my browser is blocking access to the information, but I cannot find any information on download tools or programs that can be used with Linkifier. I saw you can download from Linkifier through jDownloader by looking for it within jDownloader. Though not necessary, it’d be nice to be able to use Linkifier with our favorite download managers or with an extension built into our browsers.

Downloading with Linkifier is very simple and familiar for those who are used to dumping a list of links into a form. The Copy All URLs add-on for Google Chrome, which should work in any Chromium browser like Citrio and even Opera can make compiling a list of download links very easy. Firefox has an extension, too, but good luck getting that to work with recent versions of Firefox.

Support was helpful and relatively quick to respond. Looking at the dates I wrote to support, it was actually the weekend. So, getting a response and a fix within a day or so across the weekend — that’s actually really good. I have no information on the long-term view as I literally have used this service a couple of times, but it’s a good start.

Final thoughts on Linkifier’s first test

The site itself, its layout and navigation to find what’s there for members is very simple. That’s good, in my eyes. You can login, see the supported hosters list, download files and get to a support page with one or two clicks (for support) each. I’m presently searching for better internet service, but I could max out my available speed when downloading a few files simultaneously. I can’t fairly judge their download speed when I know mine is unstable, but most downloads had decent or better download speeds for my liking. At the end of the day, I’m optimistic that Linkifier can be a good alternative to buying individual premium accounts or wasting a bunch of time trying to find and wait for free downloads.

If you’ve never heard of Linkifier or maybe want to test them out, more information is available on their website.

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  1. I just purchased a Linkifier premium account after reading your blog.

    It did downloading files @ 20MB/S at first few minutes but afterward I keep getting the “HTTP ERROR 500” on ALL different webhost, no matter I was using Jdownloader or web interface to generate download link.

    I suspected Linkifier auto blocking user with High speed downloading.
    Until now I merely downloaded 5 to 6 files at all and only a few GB of data.
    Welp!! My account is only good for a few minutes of downloading.
    I already opened an support ticket and hopefully they will fix it ASAP.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      February 20, 2018 at 12:56 am

      I haven’t experienced that problem, personally, and I’ve been testing the service quite hard for a few days. I’ve seen speeds 20MB/s plus with download managers (jDownloader, IDM) and have downloaded 50GB+ since Saturday.

      I’m not sure if they answer support tickets on the weekend, but hopefully you got it sorted.

      If not, the only thing I could recommend is try a different browser or completely empty your cache / history, etc. and try again.

  2. horrible ..bad ..nothing is working not worth joining
    i just joined and their website is more like well designed scam site .. dont waste your money

  3. Captain Scarlet

    April 21, 2018 at 6:30 am

    Well I took the plunge with a 30 day premium subscription. First results are very disappointing as not one Rapidgator link has worked and yes they are links that are still valid. I managed to get one Uploaded download to work but other Uploaded links all fail. 1fichier also failed to work. All in all if you are considering a Linkifier subscription I would say that for me it is not fit for purpose and suggest that you give it a miss.

  4. Very bad service in a month i could not even download a file.
    They only stolen money.

  5. Linkifier is a big scam and really waste of time and money.
    First many Hoster are not working, their system try to connect you via free download of that Hoster and if fail then they simply present you error.
    Contacting support is worse, you send couple of emails and after few days you get reply “it should be fixed now”. Nothing fixed actually and you start support all over again.
    Back money guarantee is another scam, several requests from second day without any response.

  6. I joined. The “service” does not work at all. I also cannot get a response to my emails asking for help. I am convinced this is just a scam.

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