I probably should have posted this a while ago, but was trying to get something else setup first.

First off, You can get 30% off LinkSnappy Elite right now with the promo code:


To activate the promo code, login or signup for an account, click on Elite Membership, then scroll down until you see, Have a Discount Coupon?, enter STAYSAFE, then scroll up to see the discounted membership options:

LinkSnappy  Elite - March 2020 30% Off Prices

Also, in the near future I plan to setup a LinkSnappy account giveaway. They are 30 day accounts, and I haven’t decided how many as of this moment, but up to 5 total, possibly over a couple of periods. This giveaway won’t be tied to anything other than entering and confirming your email address: no newsletter signup, nothing like that. I just have to write the script for that, which just will take a few hours. Though, even though my area is in a soft lockdown, I work in IT, so it’s basically business as usual. More or less.

Since I do not currently run a mailing list or have any type of visitor notification process for this site, best bet is to bookmark this site and check back every few days if you’re interested.

The STAYSAFE coupon code is apparently valid until March 31st

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