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Linksnappy Elite Review User Review & Multihoster Service Overview

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LinkSnappy is a popular premium multihoster service that started in 2010 and supports downloading from 60+ sites. I’ve been using the service as a premium account member, which they call “Elite” accounts, for a couple of months for testing purposes to create this review of Linksnappy’s service.

My download habits

My assesment and review of is based on my personal downloading habits. So, I’ll share a little about that as this type of download activity and frequency is what most of this review is based on.

I do not download a lot of files at a time. I generally only download video files and since I subscribe to a few pay-per-view-type video sites plus watch videos on, Youtube and various network websites (ABC, NBC, FOX, USA, etc), my downloading needs are very small. For testing purposes (to do these multihoster reviews, for instance) I’ll download files I don’t want or need just to get a better feel for how the service works.

The resources I use to find the files to download are primarily blogs with download links in the comments sections. This nets me roughly 10-20 different filehosting sites that I can download from at any given time, and I try to use different filehosting sites to download files.

Probably my average download “session”, if you will, is between 1.5GB and 3GB. I rarely, if ever, download more than 4-5GB at a time or in a day for that matter. So, I’m not a heavy downloader or even a frequent downloader. But, I still did some heavier-than-usual downloading to test the service and write this review.

Linksnappy Reveiw & Overview: Index

Because this is a long review and a semi-comprehensive overview of all the things I could think of that might be worth mentioning in a review of Linksnappy, the sections can be navigated to easily from here.

Linksnappy download traffic limits

Request to lift Linksnappy download limits
The number of files you can download using Linksnappy, or the bandwidth you can use on a daily basis, is largely unlimited. I say largely as there are some limits. Two types of limitations exist. First, if you’re just setting up a new account, you have a 75GB daily limit. Which, to me, that’s absurdly high. But, I don’t download a lot of files. In a download session, I might download 3GB or maybe 5GB, but never more and usually less. However, aside from buying a 7-day account or at the discretion of Linksnappy, that 75GB daily limitation can be lifted simply by requesting the limits be removed.

Daily limits for Linksnappy Elite accounts
There is another type of download limit you’ll find with a Linksnappy account. It’s called the “Filehost Quota” and can be found on the download page from withing your Linksnappy account. Certain filehosting sites have limits. I believe these are daily limits, but I will seek clarification. Very few of Linksnappy’s supported hosters have limitations. As of this review, there are 9 filehosters with limits ranging from 1GB to 7GB. Unfortunately, you can’t tell which filehosting sites they are unless you know what their favicon looks like… hovering over the icon next to the traffic limitation number does not display the filehosting site’s name.

Overall, though, the bandwidth allotted for their premium / elite accounts is generous. In the USA, I think a large chunk of us have either soft or hard monthly bandwidth limits on the amount of data we can transfer, I know that some Canadian ISPs have low hard limits as well as some Eastern ISPs (Australia comes to mind) – for a lot of people, they will not have to worry about going over 75GB in one day. For those that might, more bandwidth is included free with your 30, 90 or 180-day account on request.

Linksnappy Pricing

Unlike most multihoster services, Linksnappy’s pricing is in British Pounds (GBP) versus Euros (EUR) or Dollars (USD). However, when you consider the exchange rate, Linksnappy is priced in line with most every other major multihost / debrid-type provider: £7.99 for 30 days is about €10.23 or $12.98, which is basically other multihosters charge for 30 days of service: around $13.50 USD or €10 EUR.

Linksnappy offers per-term-type membership options: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. The latter two Elite membership packages include 30 and 90-day vouchers, respectively, so that potentially makes the 90 and 180-day accounts an exceptional buy. However, I do question just how those accounts can be used, which I will get into below.

Linksnappy Download Speeds

Download speeds using Linksnappy are overall good. I consistently get 3-5MB/s while downloading a few files in parallel, which I peak at about 8MB/s. I intended to make a video of downloading some files using jDownloader with Linksnappy and forgot to hit the record button, but here’s a short part of a download session:

You can see the peak downloads at 8MB/s in both the small windows (using DU Meter). I’m perfectly content with Linksnappy’s download speeds, but speeds can vary wildly depending on multiple factors. Here’s a page that outlines variables that affect download speeds.

Linksnappy Support

Linksnappy’s support is pretty good. They use a helpdesk or ticket-type system, and at least during the weekdays, they seem to respond within 24 hours. I’m not sure about the weekends as I haven’t contacted them on a Saturday or Sunday that I can remember.

The support has been helpful this far, too. I hate it when you have a support issue and the support staff supplies some vague, non-answer to your question. This has not happened with Linksnappy.

Linksnappy also offers support via their Facebook page, though most companies tend to prefer not to offer support through Facebook. My recommendation if you want support for something is to use their helpdesk ticket system, but something like a filehoster not working or something – they don’t seem to mind those reports through Facebook. It’s hard to say how effective seeking support through Facebook would be, though as I’ve never tried it.

Linksnappy Response to Non-Working Hosters

Linksnappy seems quite quick to look into and fix filehosters that are down or not working for whatever reason. There are some reasons listed here. Here’s a recent example from their Facebook feed:

Hosters down and fixed with Linksnappy Elite

This isn’t to say that some filehosters aren’t down for extended periods of time (again, refer to the above link for reasonings), but that, overall, Linksnappy is very responsive and attempts to get the broken filehosting site downloads working quickly when they’re discovered and reported.

Linksnappy Torrent Support

Back in early August (2014), Linksnappy stated they were adding torrent support to their Elite memberships later in the month. However, that has not come to pass yet. The other day they posted an update stating that they ran into some issues with the 15GB free storage option that came with the torrent download support and we would get an ETA on this feature’s arrival in the near future. The delay of this was and is a disappointment, though aside for the sake of this review it doesn’t affect my view of Linksnappy as I personally don’t use torrents very often at all. I just don’t need to because direct downloads work great. But, I wish I had the option to review this, but will either append this review or talk about how well it works or doesn’t work in another Linksnappy review.

Browser plugins with Linksnappy

While I defaulted to using jDownloader with Linksnappy, which worked great, I did try out the browser plugins (LSE Extensions) for Chrome and Firefox. There was a bit of fiddling around I had to do because I use a right-click-type script for both of those browsers (Rightlinks and Rightlink), and the “Download with Linksnappy” option is in the right-click context menu, but aside from that, the browser download extensions work well. You right click on the download page link, choose to open the page with Linksnappy and the file downloads in the background (Chrome) or offers you whatever options (save location, open with) in Firefox.

I think the browser download option is best-suited for occasional, once-off downloads of smaller files. If you’re going to download a bunch of files or a large file, I’d recommend using a download manager like jDownloader.

Linksnappy Review: Conclusion

Overall, I think Linksnappy is great. Fantastic even. So far, their support has always been helpful, pleasant and kind, their listed hosters work as advertised (obviously, things can go down at anytime, though), the download speeds are good and they give you the option of nearly unlimited downloads from a large majority of the premium account filehosting sites they support. Honesty, aside from the slight disappointment from the delay of the torrent downloads, I don’t have anything negative to say about Linksnappy at this time. I can’t say they are rock solid 100% of the time, but no multihoster service can be just due to they way premium multihoster accounts work. Still, they really appear to try hard to keep their service up and running and useful for their members. This is a real bonus in my book.

I highly recommend Linksnappy. They have a lot of positive feedback online to boot, and they are certainly a service I will continue to use as I need multihoster services to download files throughout the year.

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  1. Sry but have a totaly diffrent point of view of this service.

    all important Hosters have realy bad limitation. For example shareonline around 15gb uploaded equal to that (when it works). For me its not possible to come close to the 75Gb.

    Speed is also low. I maybe get max speed at 4 oclock in the morning, otherwise its depending on nummer of users. I have a 50mbit connection… in the evening i get not more than 16mbit to this service.

    Support is okay. They answer most of the time on the next day but not always.

    Service is much to expensive for so hard limits…

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      April 17, 2016 at 8:12 pm

      In terms of speed, having better speeds at 4am versus evenings sounds more like a local ISP congestion / bottleneck issue than a foreign server issue that supports people from all over the world in different time zones. Maybe it’s possible that Linksnappy has high load evenings relative to your local time, but the more likely answer is that your internet service slows down at night.

      If you have the ability to download from a wide range of services, a multihoster makes a lot of sense. If you have very specific filehosting sites that you really need to download from, it may be better purchasing a premium account directly.

      The 75GB limit is imposed on weekly customers, it applies to longer-term customers also, but it’s free to get above that limitation simply by asking.

  2. Works great for me–just wish the Keep2Share daily limit was higher.

  3. I just joined Linksnappy. Turns out it has a 1 gig / day limit on k2s. Whatever else it has going for it (and it does have some good features), in an age of 3.2 gig movies and whatnot, this really limits its usefulness. I would not have joined if I’d known about this daily quota. On the other hand, you can download 35 gigs a day from rapidgator LOLOL

  4. Totally agree with Arsur. For other hosters like keep2share the limit is even much lower with 1GB per day. For youtube etc. you don’t need a multihoster as I can get it for free. So quite useless.
    Support takes days to respond.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      April 17, 2016 at 8:20 pm

      Yea, I don’t like that multihoster services inflate their supported site list by including video-streaming sites. They all do it, but at the same time, it’s a supported site you can download from, usually without limit, so I get their side, too. The same is true for the free-to-download-from sites like zippyshare, mediafire, etc.

      Do you know what Keep2Share’s daily or monthly limit is for premium account members? Some filehosting sites I’ve found first-hand don’t publish limits they enforce on their own paid members, they find out after signing up and going past it. 1GB is really, really low – I agree, too. Yes, you can download a few small Keep2Share files, so I guess that’s better than nothing and helpful for those people, but not helpful for somebody who has a bunch of files from Keep2Share to download. Depending on where you find the files you download from, having a Keep2Share premium account from the service itself may be the better route if you want to download a lot of files from it.

  5. Linksnappy seems to work sometimes however as of janurary 2016 – now, the service has become unstable and more often, none of the filehosters work at all. Also there seems to be more slow downloading speeds lately.
    The other concern is their support. They don’t respond at all to any concerns or issues or trouble tickets that you send to them. lol
    Whos really running that service?
    Also beware of paying them. There have been multiple times where after giving them my payment for subscription extension, they unexpectedly revoked my premium extension but still kept my money. When contacting them about this, they simply ignored my request and I’m left without premium features.
    Really shady practices.
    Buyer beware!
    I will definately not be using linksnappy anymore and using a better service now.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      May 5, 2016 at 2:39 am

      I approved this comment mostly to ask: where else have you published these reports? I will not publish your other comment for a couple of reasons, but I can’t find anything online like you’re suggesting.

      Now, I’m speaking strictly about:

      *Renewing your elite account multiple times and them revoking access to that account multiple times
      * Them stealing your payment credentials

      I can’t find anything like this being reported online. Not looking like your report or anything like it. Going through the first 2 pages of Google from a clean browser using a VPN (not tied to my local use / searches) – I can find exactly one listing for ‘Linksnappy scam’ (without the ticks) that is likely to give you the information you’re looking for when searching for that phrase, but going through those pages I found nothing other than service-related complaints due to filehoster availability and speed, etc.

      This is just me, but if I purchased a service from a company and they suddenly and without warning revoked my access without explanation, I wouldn’t give them the chance to do it again once. Let alone multiple times. Moreover, I would make it well known that I felt they ripped me off. For context, I once reported a pizza place to the BBB and FTC because they wouldn’t honour their advertisement. Point is, I don’t put up with lying or theft from companies very well. Not everybody is the same, but with what you’re reporting happened – you really should report that. I believe they are incorporated in the UK. Find where they’re incorporated, then report to the authorities in that jurisdiction with your proof.

      These are egregious issues — blatant, outright theft — not some low-level, service-related gripes. Because I can find nothing like this online, I’m kind of calling you out, but it’s also a challenge to point me and everybody else who might stumble on this page where these issues are being reported.

      Personally, I have no problem giving Linksnappy my money. I have no problem recommending that others try out Linksnappy, either. That sucks if these things, these specific points I’ve outlined, happened to you. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I just don’t see it based on my year or more of personal experience with the company and the total lack of online acknowledgement of such situations.

      I’m open to civil discourse, but anything beyond that will not be acknowledged. And, it may take some days for me to approve or respond to comments.

  6. Just by spending a few bucks I am able to download from all the filehosts I use and their torrent downloader works like a charm. Their new chrome plugin is so much better than other crappy multihosts I have tried. Sometimes I get slower speeds but that doesn’t happen very often. Overall I highly recommend giving them a try. They are cheaper than any typical filehost premium.

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