How fast can you download files using multihosters like Zevera, Linksnappy and Putdrive?

There is no clear-cut, fixed answer to this question. The real answer is, “It varies”. However, I’ll attempt to explain what affects a particular file’s download speed when using a multihoster account to download files.

Factors that affect download speeds

There are a significant number of factors that affect how quickly a file will download for you. Some of the most important factors are:

  • Your available internet speed provided by your ISP
  • The bandwidth and resources available on the third-party site storing the file you want to download
  • The physical distance between your computer and the download server
  • The network path your download (any communications) takes to both access and retrieve the file

Additionally, because most multihoster services use a proxy of sorts to access filehosting sites, which is mostly to protect their premium accounts, but it also obscures your identity (IP address) from the filehosting sites, the available bandwidth and resources on those servers can also affect your download speed. Plus, the distance between the three points (your computer, multihoster’s download server, filehosting site’s download server) factors in as well.

What confuses the answer to this question even more is that different files on the same filehosting site may download at different speeds, even when they’re being downloaded at the same time.

For example, let’s say that you are downloading files from File #1 may download at 1.2MB/s, yet you can only get 384KB/s with File #2 even though you have a super-high-speed internet connection and can download much faster. This is because filehosting sites generally use multiple different servers to store uploaded files and to serve downloads to premium account members and visitors.

Moreover, even if your internet speed is rock solid, the filehosting site’s servers and the multihoster’s servers are running at peak performance, there could be congestion somewhere along the path between the three points that slow down your ability to download files.

How to maximize multihoster download speeds

The best way to make use of your high speed internet using a premium multihoster account is to use parallel downloads. Parallel downloads are just another way of saying, “download multiple files at the same time”. Most multihoster services allow you to use a download manager, others have their own branded download manager you can use exclusively for their services. All modern web browsers support simultaneous HTTP downloads, and you can use Firefox, Chrome and maybe Internet Explorer, Opera or Maxthon to download files that way. However, download managers can help accelerate your downloads so that you can further maximize your download speed and download and save more files to your computer, faster.

In theory, which is usually true in practice as well, downloading files using a multihoster offer the same speeds as downloading from a filehosting and sharing site (Bitshare, Depfile,, Rapidgator, etc) with a premium account. So, if you have a Rapidgator premium account, you should get the same download speeds when using Linksnappy, Putdrive or Zevera to download the exact same file at the exact same time using the same exact method (download manager vs. browser, for instance) from a Rapidgator download page. Downloading a different file from Rapidgator at the exact same time, however, can and probably will result in different download speeds. The same can be said if you download the exact same file even a few minutes later, unfortunately.

I hope this clears some things up, but if not, post your questions and I’ll see what I can do to expound on this.

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