I’m going to make a slight shift in approach with this website. Namely, I’ll move toward video tests of multihoster services rather than how I’ve handled most multihoster reviews to date. I’ll also give a more-rounded view of the services: rather than focusing solely on jDownloader downloads, which I personally prefer, I’ll work to record sessions using whatever download tools a multihoster services has to offer their members. At least those that I can test.

I’ll still be performing written reviews, but this move toward testing services while recording will be much, much easier, and I believe more beneficial for you, as the viewer. Videos of a multihoster / debrid service in use give you a real glimpse into how a service actually performs, which is much better proof than written words.

Things will likely be and have usually been a bit heavily-focused on one or two services, which have varied over the years, and that reason is twofold:

  • It’s easy to test services that I already have premium access to
  • If I’m regularly using a service, I prefer to recommend it because I know it works

For quite a while, I’ve been using LinkSnappy, which is why there are more videos today of LinkSnappy than anything else. Several years back, I primarily used Zevera, which is why the site had more videos and overall content for Zevera than other services. If I personally change to a different service in the future, you’ll probably see more videos, reviews and content for them. It’s mostly a practical matter, but also a matter of credibility: my goal here is to be helpful to people who are visiting this site. I know one way I can improve on that is to review or test a wider array of services, which is part of my long-term plan here.

I’ve not quite figured out the structure for these new multihoster test videos, but it’ll start with my Linkifier review, which I should be running some tests on that service this weekend.

If you have any thoughts or services you’d like me to try out, feel free to leave a comment below.

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