October 24th, 2014: oBoom.com is now back on the list of supported sites with a Linksnappy Elite Account! I’m actually quite excited about this as I’ve been seeing a lot of oBoom.com download links, and it wasn’t working with Putdrive, but this is just another reason why I’m pleased with Linksnappy.

Oboom supported with a Linksnappy Elite Account

Also, Rapidgator is apparently up and running with Linksnappy, but it’s recommended you use direct downloads or a download manager other than jDownloader with Rapidgator and Linksnappy as there appears to be an issue where jDownloader is treating some Rapidgator download links as free (as another user mentioned and I saw it, too), but Rapidgator is a great hoster to have on the roster, and it’s good new that it’s back up and active for Linksnappy premium members.

News via LinkSnappy on Facebook.

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