There are more than a few different ways you can enjoy the content you want, when you want. Sure, this site is dedicated to multihoster services like Linksnapy that allow you to download files from scores of different sites, but there are also video streaming services that allow you to enjoy on-demand HD movies and TV shows, one of which is Amazon Instant Video through Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime – more than just free shipping

Many people in the States know about or at least have heard of Amazon Prime. It’s the “free 2-day shipping thing” offered by Amazon. But, an Amazon Prime membership offers more than just a reliable and free 2-day shipping option on millions of items offered through Amazon’s online storefront. If you purchase items on Amazon semi-regularly, the savings on shipping costs are well-worth the $99 yearly membership fee alone. But honestly, this is just a small part of the overall Amazon prime membership package.

Amazon Streaming Video – Free Movies and TV Shows

Unlimited Free HD TV and Movie Streaming with Amazon Prime

A big part of the appeal of the Prime membership package, for me, is their streaming video service. According to Amazon, they offer over 40,000 video titles for on-demand online streaming, many of which are offered in High Definition (HD). Even if you have a Netflix membership like I do, you can still benefit highly from the variety of TV shows and movies available through Amazon. All kinds of TV shows, kids’ programming, recent and new-release movies from multiple genres all available for 24×7 streaming on your computer or other devices.

Amazon Prime's Streaming Video Service selection

More reasons to choose Amazon Prime

Free, 2-day shipping and online video streaming aside, there are several components that make up an Amazon Prime membership:

Amazon Prime - Free Music, Free Shipping, Streaming Video

You might be a digital-reading fan and will enjoy the “borrow a book” club where you can choose from 500,000 Kindle books to borrow every month, or take advantage of the unlimited photo storage offered with a Prime membership, or if you prefer, stream your choice of over 1 million songs with Amazon Prime Music:

Free unlimited music streaming with Amazon Prime

There’s just so much offered with an Amazon Prime membership that it can be a worthwhile investment for a large number of people, even if you won’t use one, two or more of the membership’s features.

Get started with Prime right now

Right now, Amazon Prime runs $99 per year, and that includes all of the above components. Personally, I use it to get their free, 2-day shipping, which is simply fantastic, and every once in a while I’ll put on some streaming video on Amazon Instant Streaming, like right now I’m watching 24 Season 8 (which all seasons are available on Amazon) while writing this… Something you nor I can do on Netflix, and at $8.25 per month, Amazon Prime is one fantastic deal.

This is an advertisement for a service that I recommend and personally use.

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