By and large, premium multihoster services offer various flavors of term-based subscription packages to their members. Some offer daily passes, weekly premium accounts, monthly, then on to 3-months, 6-months, 1 year, 2 years and occasionally lifetime premium accounts. Whatever variation they use, most multihoster services stick to the traditional “monthly subscription” option for member payments and premium account access. Most, but not all.

So, here’s some information on who sells these bandwidth block accounts and when they might be advantageous for you to purchase them.

Premium gigabyte / bandwidth block accounts

The largest and most well-known multihoster offering block accounts is Zevera. I’ve used Zevera off and on for a couple of years – it’s a good service overall. Plus, they are continually increasing their supported-hoster site list and now offer downloads from about 120 sites.

Here are Zevera’s Gigabyte block account packages & prices:

Gigabyte block accounts via

When to choose premium account bandwidth “blocks”

Monthly, semi-annual, annual or variations thereof for premium multihoster accounts make sense when you download files all the time. Say, if you’re going to want to download a lot of files in the coming month, purchasing a 30-day account from Putdrive, or another multihoster service, might make sense. I like Putdrive, in part, because of their support for torrent downloads and the fact that they plainly publish their fair use policy upon signup.

However, people like me may download a lot of files, but do it sporadically during certain seasons of the year. I’m a TV show junkie. I love movies, but don’t take the time to watch many, but TV shows… I like them a lot. So, while new TV episodes are airing, I’ll have an active monthly or 3-month account with Zevera or Putdrive. However, during the summer months when I don’t download many files, it makes much more sense to grab a Zevera150 or 300GB account to last me the rest of the year rather than paying for the days, weeks or more that I have between downloading any files of significance. For the record, I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus & Amazon Prime, but I have no moral quibbles about downloading a TV episode if I can’t catch it through other channels when I have time to watch it. That’s where and why these bandwidth block accounts are so useful to me, especially, but also people like me who only download a lot of files occasionally.

The best option for multihoster gigabyte plans

I think Zevera is the best choice for bandwidth-limited premium account downloads. Sure, some individual filehosting sites offer bandwidth-only packages, but you’re really limiting your freedom when downloading files buy subscribing to a single premium account filehoster: for the same price, usually exactly the same price, you can get access to 100+ sites using Zevera and about 85 sites with Putdrive. Plus, Putdrive offers torrent support (which Zevera had for a week or so a long time ago, then dropped it), and the 100GB of free cloud storage.

Whichever option you choose is up to you. If you’re always looking for files to download, a monthly multihoster membership (paid every 6 months or so) gives you the best value, but if you only sporadically download a lot of files or occasionally download large files, a gigabyte bandwidth plan might be your best bet of getting access to fast downloads while saving money in the long run.

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