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List of Multihoster Services

While there are quite literally hundreds of file-hosting sites available today where you can download files, and scores of premium-account-based services, there are relatively few working premium multihoster services at any given time. On this page I attempt to list all of the currently-available multihoster services that I can find (English language only) or know about. Some I’ve used, others I know about through research and others are as foreign to me as some random blog written in Arabic.

You can use this page as a sort of feature comparison, though I’ll do a proper comparison for each viable service at a later date.

This list is a work in progress. The sites below are in no particular order. Untested services are listed below the table and are here for your reference. If you’d like to see a multihoster reviewed, please review the requirements and leave a comment on this page with the service name.

To see the latest testing videos, visit the multihoster download tests page.

Last updated: April 18, 2020

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Multihoster List - Tested Services

ServiceLast TestedReviewsVideo
Deepbrid.comApril 2020[ 1 ]
Linkifier.comMarch 2018[ 1 ]
Linksnappy.comApril 2020[ 1 ],[ 2 ], [ 3 ],[ 4 ],[ 5 ][ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ]
Vip.Cocoleech.comMay 2016[ 1 ]

Multihoster List – Untested

Multihosters – Not Recommended

  • – domain unavailable (April 18, 2018)
  • – dead
  • – dead


  1. Which multihoster service is the best? I want to be able to download from a lot of different sites and do it fast. My downloads are so slow using a download manager and trying to download files without a premium account, they’re only fast on a few sites.

    Help, please.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      July 28, 2014 at 4:58 pm

      In terms of the sheer number of different sites supported, Zevera is a good option. They support over 100 different sites (115 according to them), though some are down, so I call it around 100. Not all are premium-account-type sites, though: some are video streaming sites, like the “tube” sites – adult and non-adult.

      The second service I’d recommend is Putdrive. The supported filehosting site list is about the same, and you can download from some of the same video-sharing sites (“Tubes”, etc), but you can also download torrents directly using this multihoster plus you get 100GB of cloud storage for your files. I think this is the better deal, but Zevera does offer easy access to more sites.

      I moved and lost access to high-speed internet (now I’m limited to 6Mbps versus 40Mbps+), so I cannot comment anymore on the maximum speeds, but I was regularly getting 4MB/s-5MB/s download speeds using Zevera with parallel downloads. Which, that was my maximum speed. Now I get about 768KB/s down, so I always max out my speeds, usually even with single downloads using these multihosters.

      • Rubbish.
        Just Google the number of complaints.
        They might have over 100 sites, but who uses them? The main ones everyone needs (RG/UL/FF etc) never bloody work. Their support is non-existent. It’s a total scam. Avoid.

        • Best Multihosters (admin)

          February 11, 2015 at 3:22 am

          Zevera’s working fine for me:

          Not sure what you’re doing or not doing, but I’m not having issue. Using their service for 3+ years, the only rubbish is your assertion that these hosters never work with Zevera. I don’t use Filefactory all that often that I’m aware of, but Rapidgator & Uploaded I know I do. You can see that Filefactory and / net both work on Zevera in the above video.

          • I have been with zevera for several years and it’s been bad more than good – especially of late. Rapid never works. used to be ok, but now it just sits on dead servers, usually dl-srv67 so it never bounces to another one. As of this season, i’ve given up on them and they get no more money.

            • Best Multihosters (admin)

              December 25, 2017 at 9:29 pm

              I started using Zevera in late 2011, and I know a lot has changed. I haven’t used or even tested them in a couple of years, maybe more. Really haven’t used much of anything until last month outside of random LinkSnappy usage and tests when I thought I’d post an update.

              Next year I’ll likely get another account to test Zevera out. I was really, really pleased with them back in the day – saved me a ton of money moving from filesonic, hotfile and a couple more I can’t remember (fileserve maybe?) that I used to pay for every month. I’d never even heard of a multihoster before getting a Zevera account — it was a whole new world.

              I’m going through the site to modify / highlight old posts and old information, as Zevera information from 2015 and such is no longer accurate. They’re still around, so they either have some present-day fans or a bankroll that can afford ongoing losses. I’m more inclined to believe the former rather than the latter. Based on my last tests, they certainly aren’t the best, I’d reserve that for LinkSnappy in my opinion. Once I find something I like, I tend to be quite loyal for my personal usage. It’s partly why I’m even defensive to an extent when my recent personal experience contradicts all-encompassing statements.

              I have no recent personal experience here, though, so appreciate your feedback.

              Once I get my internet upgraded and get some time, I’ll be reaching out to more multihoster / debrid services for test accounts so that I can give a more-rounded view of different services available today and how they’re working.

              Thanks again for the feedback.

  2. I’ve been using for the past 4 months now. the service seems reliable and really fast. i always get decent speed on my 20mbps connection.
    some of the hosts do stop working for a short period of time but they fix their service with in a day usually. but the popular hosts like and and fileparadox putlocker etc never stop working. I would recommend linksnappy.. their design is quite nice and user friendly too

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      August 7, 2014 at 4:59 am

      I’ve heard good things about LinkSnappy, too. I have credits there, but the only thing from preventing me from reviewing the service myself is my deplorable internet. I really have no interest in switching because I’m happy with my setup, but for review’s sake – I wish I could try it out with a high-speed connection.

      Of course, I’ve heard bad things about Linksnappy… it has problems like all multihosters. I think people have misconceptions about multihosters (the services in general, not just, namely that they can work with every host they support all of the time. They can’t. And, sometimes a multihoster has a hard time working around the protections filehosting sites put into place to prevent multihosters from using & reselling their services.

      Some or many filehosting sites expressly prohibit sharing of premium accounts, but that’s what the multihoster model is based on. Even discounting normal updates that filehosting sites make that may break a multihoster’s ability to deliver downloads to their members, filehosting sites actively fight against premium account sharing, and that makes the job all the more difficult for multihosters to continually support all filehosting sites without interruption.

      There is a chance that some filehosters make agreements with multihoster services, and that probably does happen in some cases, but I can’t see it happening in all cases. Not with multihosters supporting 50+ premium-account-type filesharing sites.

      I was responding to you, Daniel, in the beginning, but just wanted to touch on this as well. I think I’ll put up a post about multihoster download problems or something like that to better-explain why any multihoster service might run into complications trying to support any particular filehosting site.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Got any sites that take US currency, as sites don’t seem want to work and charge me and complete my order.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      August 21, 2014 at 3:42 am

      No, no multihoster services that I know of accept US Dollar payments directly. There may be some, not those I’ve used or looked into as viable alternatives. I’ve never run into issues using a US-based credit / debit card for Euro payments, but haven’t tried any other currency for multihosts.

      If you cannot purchase via normal channels, you’ll probably have to find a reseller. Resellers take payments in various formats (depending on the area & reseller, could be PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, cash, personal check, etc) then create an account for you and send you details you need to access & use the account.

      There will be some delay (usually a few hours to a day or so) if you use a reseller between paying for the account & receiving access, but otherwise this may help you to bypass the issue you’re having paying for something in a foreign currency.

      A sidenote here, though – *only* use authorized resellers, or resellers that the multihoster service links to from their site or points you to when you ask about resellers.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Can’t seem to get anything from Putdrive anymore. Nothing is working.

    • It’s owned by Zevera. Why am I not surprised!

      • Best Multihosters (admin)

        October 22, 2014 at 4:51 pm

        As someone with a better-than-average perspective on this, I don’t think Zevera runs or owns Putdrive. Zevera kept their torrent downloader for like a week, for instance, yet Putdrive continually offers it. There are certainly some similarities, like maybe they source from the same pool of coders, but there are a lot of differences that make me think that they’re different entities. and, however, that seems to be a different story, but I can’t be certain of that.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      October 22, 2014 at 4:52 pm

      I’ve not noticed any real issues there. Which filehosting sites are you trying? Only one or two, or a bunch of different filehosters? Here’s a video of me downloading using jDownloader and Putdrive with about 10 different hosters:

      This is recent, and I know your comment was from a while ago, but things seem fine from my end.

  5. Linksnappy is way too expensive. I can buy a Foxleech account for one fifth of the price and get almost as many filehosts.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      January 11, 2015 at 7:56 pm

      Linksnappy’s pricing is in line with the majority of multihosters & filehosters on a per-month basis: &eur;10 or around $13.50. There could be a currency conversion difference in other currencies, but using the Forex exchange rate for USD to GBP and vice versa, it’s consistent with the industry standard rates. There will always be outliers, for example, I think it was that runs $20 USD per month for a premium account. At least last I checked. You’ll also have those at the cheaper end of the spectrum like Foxleech, but I’m not sure what their ‘shared’ bandwidth is. 50GB daily is huge for the price, no doubt, and they purport to support a couple hard-to-keep filehoster services, but really, Linksnappy isn’t any more expensive than the majority of other options, and really I think more reliable overall.

  6. Take it from me. I’m not a rep for any of these sites but I’ve been a PAYING customer at all of them over the past 3+ years.

    Listen and listen good:
    • Putdrive – Trash – don’t even bother; doesn’t work. A WASTE of money.
    • Zevera – Trash – don’t even bother; doesn’t work. A WASTE of money.
    • Real-Debrid – Affordable, but these Frenchies don’t know how to run a reliable service and don’t give a sh!t about customer service. Half of the time most of the sites they claim to give premium access do are down.
    • LinkSnappy – Fairly reliable, but not so good at customer service and are slow to add new hosts. Also becoming increasingly non-competitive, cost-wise.

    BOTTOM LINE: There are NO good multihosters. They promise the world: dozens of filehosts. But they deliver rarely, if ever. And none of them offer decent support for OS X. Whenever I come across a site that is Windows only, it only shows that they know jack about computing and are in it for one reason: to rip you off.

    With b.s. DMCA and Euro-policing and takedowns of filehosting sites, new ones come up and go down ALL THE TIME. The problem is, multihosters DO NOT stay on top of things. Your favorite sites switch preferred hosts frequently, but none of these multihosters will.

    Finally, since all of these multihosters require you to generate links with THEIR service, the ability for download managers to reliably and effectively parse them is NOT GOOD. On the Mac, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE GOOD BULK DOWNLOADER. Period. I’ve tried them all. Yes, ALL.

    So unfortunately, although in theory it’s a good idea and a money-saving idea, the best option is to purchase premium subscriptions at the hosts themselves.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Don’t Be a Fool. There ain’t no such animal as a decent multihost. You’re much better off buying a subscription to a single filehost for one month and downloading all of the files you want from that host rather than subscribing to a multihost for several months only to find that you can’t download from most of the hosts and that download limits have been placed on some of the hosts that do work.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      November 27, 2014 at 10:52 pm

      I’ve been using multihoster services for nearly 3 years after playing the game of buying premium accounts from single filehosters. Usually purchasing 2-3 per month. Fileserve, Hotfile and Filesonic were my favorites. Whether multihoster services are a good buy for you really depends on what you need. If you only need to download from a single filehoster, then yes – you are very likely better off purchasing a premium account from a single hoster. However, if you see download links from 5-20 different filehosters on a page offering download links, I think you’d get way more value out of a multihoster. So what if some filehosters don’t work sometimes or all of the time? No multihoster will stay in business if the majority of their supported services don’t work the majority of the time.

      If you absolutely need and probably only need premium access to one service, then choose the single filehoster. If you aren’t picky about which service you use to download files and there are a lot of download links from different services available through your download sources, check out a multihoster. If you purchase two premium accounts from almost any two services, you’ve paid twice what you will with a multihoster. The industry standard pricing is around €10 /month for multihosters and filehosters alike.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      January 11, 2015 at 7:42 pm

      That works great in some cases where your download source is a forum or a site that only or predominantly uses a single filehoster for files, but not so much if your download resources share a multitude of different filehosters’ download links where you can’t depend on any particular filehosting site being used to share downloads. Which, that’s the case for me and people like me. Multihosters are much better suited for this rather than wasting time trying to find a download source to fit my one or two premium account filehoster subscriptions.

  8. I took 1 year at as multihoster and they closed my account after one week for a violation of their TOS.
    My advices are the following:
    1: Don’t choose or risk loosing your money
    2: Never take 1 year on any multihoster, prefer taking shorter period of time in case of they close your account or the site goes down.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      January 11, 2015 at 7:47 pm

      Sorry about your experience with I think a multihoster closing your account is always possible, but I think the chances of a multihoster closing suddenly are lower if they’re very visible online, such as they have an active Facebook page or the like where customers and admin communicate out in the open.

      Yes, buying a 1-year or lifetime account with any service is risky in that regard. Personally, I’ll buy up to a 6-month membership, but that’s about the furthest I’ll go even with multihosters I’ve used for years.

      Thank you for your comment.

    • Been with premiumize for a couple of years now and never had an issue.

    • Been with premiumize for a couple of years now and never had an issue.

  9. RPnet are excellent, as are
    Great pricing and fast reliable service, so you CAN find good multihosters.

  10. I have been using for over two years now, and i have to say they are the most reliable service out there. I have tried several others, but nothing compare to their service and ease of use (especially with an IDM and Mozilla firefox combo on your PC :))

    I also believe that services mirror the needs of the users. Try each for a month and then make your decision. That’s how i did it.

    Best of luck in your quests guys 🙂

  11. “Don’t be a fool” is right on the money about PutDrive. Complete garbage from top to bottom. Just paid for one month recently and tried them out.

    Many of their “supported” hosts were offline (not just a few at a time). There were extremely long queue times just for PutDrive to allow you to ATTEMPT to connect to ANY host. Some hosts that were shown as “online” were actually offline when you attempted to connect (PD would report a failure to connect to those particular “online” hosts no matter how many times you tried).

    If and when you finally made it through the queue for a single file, no matter how small (such as a few hundred MB), it would take a long time to download, and certainly not at premium account speed. Once the download completed on their side, it would take a long time to then upload to their cloud so that you may download it. The percentage-indicator of cloud upload completion was completely non-functional. It would jump from 0 to 100 after a long wait and show nothing inbetween. Or it would jump from 0 to 99 after a long time and take forever to show completed.

    Once it actually did complete, their “file ready” email notification would take a long time to come after it was actually complete. Meaning if you are waiting for sometimes anxiously, you cannot rely on the notification system to tell you it is ready in anywhere remotely a timely manner.

    It was a good thing I was not downloading really big files, as once I started to download from their cloud, I never even reached 1MB/sec, despite having a connection capable of 6MB (50mb). And yes, I have tested the connection using speed tests, and even my torrents reach 2MB or more regularly.

    The biggest kicker of all? Once you have gone through that whole process for a single file in your queued list of files, each stage taking a huge amount of time, even if the next file was added at the same time as the first and is on the exact same host, the whole waiting process starts over. The next file, although it has always been listed “in queue” from the beginning, was essentially being held outside the ACTUAL queue, and is then placed into the queue AFTER the first file completes uploading to the cloud.

    Complete waste of money, and as a result i’m going to trust DbaF is right about those other two as well. Might eventually try Linksnappy or Premiumize.

  12. I’ve been using All-Debrid without issues, mainly downloading from Netload,

    The only thing is that you always need to generate the links on their website, because download manager on the mac do not support it properly.

    • I’ve been using All-Debrid for years; however, they do not allow to use a VPN. Also, you can’t use different IP providers while downloading torrents – they consider that as a sharing of the links with others. Customer service was poor but now it’s just terrible – probably, you will need to wait for short reply several days. Their website was banned by PayPal system, thus, you need to find a reseller in order to buy the membership. They started to ban account because of any suspicious (!) activities. Will need to look for more reliable and user friendly multihoster.


    February 18, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    Dear Sirs,
    I bought long time ago one of those multihosters and had a lot of problems. Many of the sites dis not allow me to download: many of the promised sites did not work; not all the list you promised were included; I could not download as many GB as I wanted and so on. I know your bussiness is your business, okey. My interest, you know is to spend as little money as I am abble to do; I do not want to spend tiem and money with more than one difficult; so this is my proposal: if you are honest, my treat is that if I cannot get all I want, you will give me back my money. The list of places you mention is not always as complete as you mention, many downloaders do not accept some webs and so on. I can’t spend such a deal of money inot working places: I am not rich.
    I haopo you will understand my motives and hope for yor sincere answer.
    Yours faithfully,
    Amador Ferriz

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      February 18, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      These are a list of multihoster services, I do not run, manage or am I in any way involved in the operation of any of these websites. While I think that many or most multihoster services have refund policies, it can be difficult getting refunds sometimes due to the restrictive terms of the refund policy. If you’re wanting the most reliable of all that I’ve used personally, I’d probably recommend Linksnappy. I like Zevera more because they support more filehosting sites which I actually see when downloading files, but at least in the short-term view, Linksnappy has been more reliable for me.

      Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when purchasing a multihoster service or even a premium account directly with a filehosting site. You are less likely to run into download problems when buying an individual premium account, but there are sometimes still problems, and you’re very limited in terms of what you can download at full speed or faster speeds. However, there’s a much greater chance of a filehosting site getting shut down than a long-term multihoster service going offline.

      No multihoster is 100% reliable 100% of the time. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they work ok, other times they don’t work well at all. For the popular multihoster services, they fix their issues or remove support for a filehosting site, but there are plenty of others that are available to download from.

      I cannot give money back because I do not manage or own or oversee any company listed here. If I ran a multihoster service, which I couldn’t because I don’t have $5,000-$100,000+ per month to spend on infrastructure, I would certainly have a better refund policy than is usually available with any type of filehoster or multihoster service…

      I guess the bottom line is that if you cannot afford to lose the money, you should not invest in any type of premium account download service, whether it’s a multihoster or a premium filehoster account. I lost money with Fileserve and Filesonic a couple of years back when they went offline, so it does happen. Otherwise, I’d probably recommend Linksnappy. I see they’re adding support for a few more sites soon and when something breaks, they seem to try to fix it right away if possible and let users know about it, which is a bonus in my book.

  14. I’ve been using for the past 2 years. List of around 25 premium filehosters and works quite well with JDownloader2 with excellent speed on my 200mbps broadband.

  15. I didn’t do any research on Zevera before I bought a 1 year sub and I am definitely regretting it. Zevera is a 100% complete scam and ripoff and needs to be shut down and the assholes that run it should be thrown in jail. Two days into my subscription I still hadn’t been able to download a single file. I emailed their support asking for a refund to which they replied back asking for links and proof of the failed downloads. I no longer had the links so I emailed again quoting their own refund policy that states “If you are not satisfied with your premium account you can request a refund in the first 5 days if you haven’t downloaded more than 8 GB or more than 10 different files”, nowhere does it state they require links or proof. They stopped responding to my emails so I gave it another try and attempted to download a couple more files. Same thing, the downloads wouldn’t even start even though they were listed as fully supported. I emailed Zevera again and included the failed links and even screenshots of the failed downloads and haven’t received a reply back. Stay far away from Zevera, its complete garbage and a total scam.

  16. i'llthinkofsumat

    June 2, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    in computing NOTHING works the same for everyone
    share sites can go down perminently at anytime i know from past experience of 3 hosters that went individually with the purge a couple or so years back with much of my paid account left expensive, annoying and a right putoff
    after some time i signed up october 2013 to zevera and NO their advert does not comply to UK advertising standareds and their site out of 100 + hosters many dont appear to function FOR me -full stop- however some do
    online help is ?????? well online help !!!! no worse than anywhere else (for me that is)
    my account is now up for renewal do i stay or do i go
    better a devil you know than one you dont
    you pays your money and makes your choice and hope for the best

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      June 3, 2015 at 12:15 pm

      I’ve been using Zevera off & on for years now. It works well for me and what I download, which is primarily TV shows. While I’ve found Linksnappy to be more reliable in terms of delivering downloads (and I am loving their torrent downloader), the number of hosters Zevera supports and that work *and* are listed as download options where I download files is better. For me. If I downloaded other types of files from other locations then maybe my viewpoint would be much different. In all the years I’ve been buying premium accounts and multihoster accounts, the need for support has been minuscule though as of a few years ago (in 2012) when I actually was contacting support through their forums or email, the support wasn’t great. That said, if Zevera has been useful for you I think it’s not a bad idea to renew with them. They’ve been more or less the same, for me, over the years. I know what I’m getting when I purchase an account (I buy new versus renewing, different emails, IPs, etc) and the service works well for me and the stuff I download with them. If they don’t work for you then by all means look for something else. There are other options. As you pointed out, things don’t work the same for everyone. There may be better options for some people and maybe for others those better options will be worse. I say that unless you have the funds to test out different services, stick with what works for you unless or until it doesn’t, then do some research before purchasing anything else.

  17. Hey folks, why don’t you try sharedir. I have had it for a year and I have had no problems with them. Nice and decent speed. Lots of hosts that they support. The cost is pretty good, This is in contrast to zevera in that i somehow having problems downloading. Even better , they have SD Tools addon for Firefox in which you can convert the links to sharedir links. It is also easily integrated with Internet Download Manager. Just right-click on the links and click on “Direct Download this site”. Done. Check them out.

  18. Linksnappy only has 1 gig daily quota for keep2share, and considering 95% of the links I come across are keep2share that feels woefully inadequate to me. I didn’t find out about this quota until after signing up, its not mentioned in the FAQ I read.

    I also didn’t get my first day’s gig from k2s, just links that didn’t work and my quota wiped out. I’ve requested a refund so I’m now waiting to see how that pans out.

    The rest of the service seems reasonably fine and stable. If keep2share worked and the quota wasn’t so small I’d actually stick with them.

  19. nope no refund from Linksnappy. I’d stay clear of them myself. tech support takes roughly 4-5 days to reply and just gives you canned responses. You’re much better just paying for a single filehoster service if at all possible.

    would I recommend them to others? No?

  20. Rapid Premium

    I’ve been with these guys for 5 years.. THE best support I’ve experienced on the Internet, period, in which I’ve only needed 3 or 4 times.

    VPN and proxy services included with subscription.. very handy. As of now 44 hosts supported. 30 gb cloud if that’s your thing.

    I can’t recommend these guys enough.

  21. only thing that sucks about zevera is you can’t remote upload from the links you generate. I know for example you can generate a premium link then paste that into your remote upload and upload directly from server to server.

    with zevera you would have to download the file then upload it from your computer to other hosting

    just my two cents, but as far as downloading goes, zevera works pretty good.

  22. An advice to anyone who may read this article .
    Don`t ever buy a 6 month account , if you want to test a multihoster then buy only for 1 month at max , this way you will not waste too much money if their service is a crap .

    My experience : = don’t buy it , it looks they have a premium account on each filehost , but every filehost have a daily limit bandwidth , this means that 95% of the times you will not get your downloads running .

    For many here reading , they may think that negative comments on some hosts could be inserted here by other filehosters in order to improove their business .
    Well , i am not that and i have proof .
    here it is an example from that you will get very often if you subscribe .

    This means that you will not download .

  23. An angry customer

    November 1, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Stay away from

    Taking your money and really nothing works there. No support, no answer, no downloads, nothing.

  24. The link to Cocoleech doesn’t work for me. I only get the error message NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED .

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