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Tips for Choosing the Best Multihoster

There are a lot of file hosting sites available today that you can download files from. Hundreds, if not thousands of working sites that store hundreds of files to hundreds of thousands of files. Some files you try to download require a premium account membership in order to download them, other filehosting sites only allow premium downloads whereas other filehosting sites offer pretty much all free downloads, only with download limits.

The thing is, while there are a large number of filehosting sites out there, there are comparatively few multihosting sites that bundle multiple premium download accounts into one. Here are three of the more popular multihost services:

Putdrive Logo - premium multihoster service Zevera screenshot - premium multihoster packages Linksnappy Logo - premium account multihoster

Realistically, if there were 25 working multihosters today, I would be surprised. At least multihosters that cater to English-language speakers. I’ve found about a dozen so far, but would only recommend the two I’ve used so far: Zevera and Putdrive. Considering this, how can you choose the best multihoster service for your downloading needs?

Multihosters: all about freedom

The reason people choose multihosters over buying individual premium accounts directly from filehosting sites is for freedom. Freedom to download from more than just one site as a premium member with fast speeds. Using that reasoning, the more sites you’re allowed to download from with your premium multihoster membership, the more freedom you have to find files wherever: blogs, forums, filehosting search engine sites and more.

Let’s take a look, for instance, at two different premium multihoster services:

Both these services cost roughly the same price: MyDownloader is $13.95 USD for 30 days (about €10 EUR / £8.25 GBP) and that is the same cost, almost exactly, as 30 days with PutDrive (€9.99/$13.75/£8.15). However, supports downloads from about 15 filehosting sites and Putdrive supports downloads from over 80 sites. Plus, Putdrive gives you 100GB cloud storage and supports torrent downloads.

So, when you compare Putdrive with Mydownloader, you can see that Putdrive gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to downloading files. The same can be said for Putdrive vs. Zevera, Putdrive vs. and so on. Honestly, when it comes to freedom and the ability to download from many different sites and torrents from one account, not to mention the free cloud storage, I really think PutDrive is the best-value multihoster for 2014 that I’ve found so far.

Features and ease-of-use

Even though multihosting services are relatively new, at least compared to filehosting sites, they’ve come a long way in terms of being user friendly. The best multihosters are those that you can use seamlessly while browsing, namely those that offer and support browser plugins that enable you to right-click download files to your computer faster and without the hassle of needing to copy and paste download page URLs into form fields on a website. Or those that are integrated or can be integrated into a download manager so that you can simply copy a download page link and it’s taken from your clipboard and added to a download queue so you don’t even have to fuss with visiting any additional pages to download files. I know Zevera works like this with JetDownloader as well as some other file download managers, Putdrive is more focused on being a cloud-storage-type download service with less focus on file download managers.

Choose your multihoster service today

While the pricing is the same for most multihoster services, the features offered and the sites supported to download from are not. Not by a long stretch. So, when you’re looking at the available premium multihoster services out there today, be sure to pay attention to how many sites they allow you to download from and the types of downloads they support. My recommendation is to test out a 30-day package with either Putdrive or Zevera, but we have several more on our list of premium multihosters.

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  1. Unfortuntely PutDrive don’t seem to actually be able to deliver reliable downloads. Queued for days, when they actually do start to work they come down barely faster than the free download option from the hosts. Support ignores what you say and suggests it is your fault (though it is between their server and the hoster). Not interested in helping. Won’t be wasting any more money.

    • Best Multihosters (admin)

      January 11, 2015 at 7:19 pm

      Are you using the online downloader, like within the site? I’ve tried using that and it’s worse than a crapshoot. The direct downloader (Quick Download) through the site works ok, though. jDownloader with Putdrive works well for me in the times I’ve used it, that’s how I’d recommend it. Which, it’s been maybe a month since I used it as I just don’t have time to use any files I might download.

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