I’m quite excited. Last week, I had my high-speed internet hooked up. So, now I finally have the opportunity to do some reviews of a few multihoster services. I’ve wanted to do this for some time, but my 6mbps internet just wouldn’t cut it. My download speed maximum was about 750KB/s, and that’s just not enough to test anything, let alone premium-account multihoster / debrid-type services.

I’m going to start with 3 or 4 multihosters. These are going to be video reviews outlining how they work, their download speeds, and so forth. Words mean a lot, but I think video speaks much louder than words can.

First up, I’ll be reviewing Linksnappy, then Putdrive, then Multihosters, which I have never used before, so that’ll be fun, hopefully, and Zevera. I will try to get to Mydownloader and possibly a couple of other multihosters on the list of multihosters page. Though, I assume it’ll take some time as I’m a bit crunched for time at the moment.

You can look for reviews here within the coming days or weeks. It will take some time to put things together, but I think the video reviews of the multihoster services in action are probably the best way to go, and I’ll start getting those recorded and uploaded ASAP.

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