In the ‘download files online’ circles where people seek to download files from websites to their computers, the term ‘multihoster’ or ‘multihost’ pop up from time to time.  It’s a relatively new phrase, going back only a few years that I know of, but one that can be beneficial to people who want to download files without using torrents or usenet. Here I share the meaning of the term ‘multihosters’

Premium accounts: the basis for multihosters

Before you can understand what a multihoster is, what it does and the service it offers, you need to know a little bit about the core components of a multihoster account: premium account file hosters. File hosters are sites that host, or store, files that people download using their web browser or a download manager. These hosters are also referred to as:

  • Cyberlockers
  • File lockers
  • Digital lockers / digital file lockers
  • File hosting sites
  • Filesharing sites

There are numerous filehosters out there, and the number fluctuates all the time. However, some of the more popular filehosting sites include:


And a whole lot more. Some of these filehosters offer upgraded membership packages that are called premium accounts. Premium accounts allow members to download files faster, offer generous or unlimited downloads on a per-term basis and allow paying members to bypass nag screens, restrictive download limits, captcha forms and usually the most annoying advertisements. Plus, premium account members usually have access to parallel downloads as well as one-click downloads for the files they want.

Multihosts: bundling of premium accounts

Multihosters are not file hosting sites. At least usually. Rather, a multihoster buys up dozens, scores or hundreds of premium accounts from popular file-hosting sites and resells access to those premium accounts to their members.

As an example, I use this multihoster service – it’s my favorite. Zevera supports downloading from 85+ sites, around 50 of which are premium account filelocker sites. What Zevera might do is buy 10-100 premium accounts from,,, etc and then allow their members to download files through their 10-100 accounts for each filehosting site.

So, for you and me and people like us, we have two options for getting access to multiple premium accounts so we can enjoy high speed downloads for just about any file we want:

  • Buy multiple premium accounts, ourselves, individually: This is a very, very expensive option. Premium accounts cost, on average, $13 USD / €10 EUR per month. You can get them cheaper by buying longer-term memberships, but these are the standard prices for premium accounts from filelockers. Even only buying 5 premium accounts, you’re going to spend around €50 / $67 per month just for fast, direct downloads. This is way too expensive, or at least way more than you need to spend.
  • Buy a single account from a multihoster: This is, by far, the cheapest option for fast, direct downloads from premium account cyberlocker services. The multihoster I use charges €10 per 30 days or for 50GB worth of downloads, but the service is even cheaper when you buy larger packages. So, instead of spending €50 per month on 5 premium accounts, you can spend €10 per month, or less, on 40-50+ premium accounts, plus get one-click access to download videos from quite a few video-sharing sites.

Why choose a multihoster service

At the end of the day, a single account from a multihost proivider costs the same as a single premium account from a popular premium filelocker service. Unless you literally only download files from one filehosting site, a multihoster is the best option available today for direct, high-speed downloads from websites.

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