While this is a bit off-topic for a site that talks mostly about multihoster services like Linksnappy and others, I think most people here will enjoy this post if they don’t already know about these types of apps. “These types of apps” are mobile apps that allow you to stream and even download full HD movies and TV shows on your mobile device: mobile phones and tablets. A friend mentioned this app to me a week or so ago and wanted to share it here with you.

HD Cinema App

This app is called the HD Cinema App. I can verify it works with Android, but it also claims to work with IOS and Blackberry devices as well.

Streaming HD TV Shows and Movies on Mobile

Movies & TV Shows – Streaming or Download

HD Cinema - Mobile HD Videos and Movies
The thing I like about this app, aside from its decent selection of TV shows and movies, is that you have the option to stream or download them to your phone. Downloading video files might be easier if, for instance, you want to watch the video on a larger screen than your phone or tablet (or “phablet” as some of us have) provides.

Apparently these mobile apps come and go, and there may be others out there, but I know this one works and I’ve used it to watch several videos thus far.

Is HD Cinema Safe?

Stream or download HD TV and Movies Mobile App
This is the first question I thought of when my friend told me about the app. It’s not something you’re going to find in the Google Play Store. Which, that means you have to go to the download page, probably on your phone would be easiest, download the app, probably make some changes to your phone’s settings (instructions on the download page) and install the app manually.

The site I link to here is the site I downloaded it from. What I did is downloaded the app with my computer, scanned the file using Virustotal, then transferred that file to my phone from my computer and installed it from there. It’s possible for an off-playstore app provider to serve up a “clean” app to computer users and the “dirty” app to mobile users, while maybe a bit far-fetched, I didn’t want to take any risks. My advice is that you use this site to download the app, but be sure you run it through an online virus scanner or your own anti-virus software before installing it just for your own peace of mind.

Using HD Cinema for TV and Movie Downloads

I think that the HD Cinema App is a great option for watching movies and TV shows on your mobile device. There’s more options than with Netflix it seems, or at least different options, and streaming TV shows and movies on mobile just isn’t up to the level that we have on computers. Yet, anyway. However, I don’t think a mobile app like this replaces the value of a premium account download service (multihoster) like Linksnappy, which is probably my favorite multihost service at the moment… their torrent download tool is really growing on me.

For mobile video watching, HD Cinema is really, really nice. If you want to download using your phone and transfer files to your computer or USB drive for larger-screen viewing, I still think you’re better off using direct downloads or even torrent downloads so long as you’re using a third-party service to download those types of files.

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