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No Records VPN Service

While I’ve defaulted to using Private Internet Access for my VPN needs for years, I also occasionally use a different VPN provider: Mullvad. I’ve been using VPNs for well over a decade and only stumbled on this service sometime in 2019, so I wanted to bring some more attention to the service.

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Multihosters – Another Link in the Chain of Privacy

There seems to be a constant stirring of debate about the right to personal privacy and the government’s “right” and/or duty to have on-demand access to pretty much every aspect of our lives. This week it’s the FBI’s concern over smartphone encryption by Google and Apple. You can read some more of the ludicrous soundbites over here, but the gist of it all is that the government needs and even expects backdoors buit into everything. You know, so they can continue on with their warrantless wiretapping and whatever else succeeded and parallels that in the name of war on terror.

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Why Choose Multihosters for Downloading Files?

Some people, a lot of people even, can get by just fine downloading files for free. After all, most premium account filehosting sites do offer free download options, albeit with some significant limitations and varying levels annoyances.

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Are downloads anonymous using Multihosters?

Do multihosters log and track my download activity, or are my downloads anonymous and private?

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Anonymous Torrent Downloads (Direct HTTP)

There are many ways to download files, but arguably one of the most popular methods is to download files via torrents. Torrents and direct, HTTP downloads (downloading files from websites directly to your computer) are probably the two most prevalent ways to get the files you want, whether they’re movies, video clips, images, e-books, games, software or whatever else you like to download.

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