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LinkSnappy Torrent Downloader Review

I’ve finally been able to take a few moments to put together a short review for the LinkSnappy torrent downloader tool. Their name for it is a cloud-based torrent client, which is a more modern description of it. Either way, this tool allows you to take a .torrent file or magnet link and use a third-party site to direct-download those files to your computer or local storage device. Essentially an anonymization tool for torrent / magnet downloads.

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Linksnappy Torrent Downloader Review

In my nearly non-existent spare time I’ve been playing around with Linksnappy’s torrent downloader and wanted to take a bit of time to give an overview and a review of this relatively new Elite account feature. This isn’t my full review, but it’s a primer for it and it’ll be detailed like my Linksnappy Elite review, which I still stand behind. Continue reading