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Unlimited Downloads – Facts vs Marketing

Most of us encounter the term ‘unlimited’ on a regular basis. Unlimited minutes. Unlimited texts. Unlimited data. Unlimited downloads. Whether it’s mobile phone service, home internet services or file downloads through a premium account filehoster or multihoster service, we’re bombarded with promises of unlimited access to unlimited data, simply for whatever one-time or monthly rate a company or service is asking for.

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Multihosters and Net Neutrality: Opinion

Earlier this month, a part of the US government voted to reverse Net Neutrality rules. The idea behind Net Neutrality is pretty simple: internet service providers (ISPs) had to treat all data the same across their networks. They weren’t allowed to purposefully throttle certain sites, services or protocols, and they couldn’t give priority to certain services, sites or protocols over others. All data treated the same. These rules were set into place / hardened with a 2015 ruling.

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