High-speed downloads with premium accounts

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Do you need fast internet to use multihosts?

Do you need to have a high-speed internet connection to use multihoster services?

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How to pay for premium accounts with PayPal?

I want to use my PayPal account to purchase a multihoster account, but they don’t accept PayPal. Is there any way to use PayPal to pay for my premium account?

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Cheaper Premium Account (which is also is an uber-popular filehosting and sharing site. Personally, I see ( download links all over when I’m looking to download files. For example, here’s a screenshot from a popular download source for TV shows, movies, magazines and more:

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‘Lifetime’ Premium: Pros and Cons

Anybody who has been downloading files for a while, particularly those who use filehosting sites liberally or exclusively, know that lifetime premium accounts exist. Lifetime premium accounts are supposed to allow you to download files from filehosting sites either: Continue reading

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