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LinkSnappy Review 2018

Best I can figure, I’ve been using or testing LinkSnappy’s services since mid-2014. That’s at least 3 1/2 years of experience I have with this service. Normally, proper reviews take 20+ hours to complete: setup, getting live links to download, recording the download sessions, editing videos and then the writing of the actual review. In this case, I’m hoping to cut out some of that time since my review from 2014 still holds true, at least where it counts most: it’s a good, solid service. Continue reading

Anonymous Torrent Downloads (Direct HTTP)

There are many ways to download files, but arguably one of the most popular methods is to download files via torrents. Torrents and direct, HTTP downloads (downloading files from websites directly to your computer) are probably the two most prevalent ways to get the files you want, whether they’re movies, video clips, images, e-books, games, software or whatever else you like to download.

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