This site has been here on this server for about 3 years, but it’s time to move on…. I’ll be migrating to a less-overloaded and so-far seemingly faster server here this evening, and there may be some intermittent issues while DNS bounces back and forth. Ultimately I hope to have near-zero downtime, but there will be a 30 or so minute window after the DNS update where some functions of the site won’t work while I remap some things.

The only noteworthy issues are email functionality will cease for all emails for the time being as I’m moving to managed email hosting. You can still leave comments, just no notifications will go out. Any comments left between 1:30am UTC and 5:30am UTC Sunday, May 8th probably will be lost as I’m making a snapshot of this website momentarily.

This site averages less than 500 visitors a day, but thought it warranted a mention.

Well… hopefully we’ll see you on the other side.. (of town, new server is in the same city as the old…)

Monday, May 9th – The transfer went through without a hitch, but I inadvertently broke some things when putting in some firewall rules after the fact. Some site functionality was down yesterday, but everything should be working as you’d expect now.

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