Uploaded.net (which is also uploaded.to) is an uber-popular filehosting and sharing site. Personally, I see uploaded.to (ul.to) download links all over when I’m looking to download files. For example, here’s a screenshot from a popular download source for TV shows, movies, magazines and more:

Ul.to download links - download faster with a premium account

The first three comments that contain download links all contain links to ul.to, which is Uploaded.net or Uploaded.to. I could post example after example of the prominence of Uploaded.net download links, but suffice it to say that Uploaded.to is a great filehosting site to consider if you purchase premium accounts.

Uploaded.net premium accounts – membership costs

Uploaded.to is comparatively priced to other premium account filehoster sites. While Uploaded.net is having a summer sale on premium accounts the regular, everyday pricing is about the same as other premium filehosters and premium multihoster accounts. Here’s a comparison between uploaded.net, other popular filehosters and some premium multi-host services:

Service 1 month cost 6 months cost Lifetime cost Lifetime notes
Uploaded.net €9.99 / $13.45 €39.99 / $53.86 €99.99 / $134.67 *2 years
Netload.in €9.50 / $12.80 €39.99 / $53.86 €99.99 / $134.67 *2 years
Uploading.com €7.39 / $9.95 N/A €37.08 / $49.95 *1 year
Bitshare.com €7.42 / $9.99 €40.09 / $53.99 €74.25 / $99.95 *2 years
Zevera.com €9.99 / $13.45 €44.99 / $60.59 €199.99 / $269.37 *lifetime
Putdrive.com €9.99 / $13.45 €44.99 / $60.59 N/A N/A

* EUR (€) and USD ($) price conversions based on Google and accurate at the time of this posting

Zevera.com offers premium access to Uploaded.net as well as ~110 other sites\
Putdrive.com offers premium uploaded.net access as well as access to about 85 other sites, supports torrent downloads and gives users 100GB cloud storage

Buying an Uploaded.to premium account

Ul.to and uploaded.to premium account
If you’re perfectly content only downloading files from Uploaded.net (ul.to download links), then an Uploaded.net premium account makes sense. However, for the best value for downloading files, I highly recommend using a premium multihoster service like Putdrive instead. For about the same cost as an Uploaded.to premium account, you can get access to 85 or more sites to download files from, plus have the option of direct downloading torrents and get a 100GB cloud storage account to boot.

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