Zevera is back online with new owners. I’ve been wanting to test the service out, and I finally got the chance.

They gave me a 3-day account to test things out and I couldn’t plan for it, so it’s a one-time test. I scrounged up about 11GB worth of filehoster downloads using several different sites and downloaded using jDownloader. I also tested the torrent downloader. I use those quite often.

While I’m writing out the full piece, which will take a few days or a week, here’s my takeaway:


  • Torrent downloader is fast, worked without a hiccup
  • Downloading from Zevera’s server, I could max out my 250Mbps connection for 10GBs of torrent downloads (~25MB/s constant)
  • Filehoster downloads can be / are mostly fast
  • Most filehoster downloads in my testing worked (eventually)


  • Navigating to torrent downloads wasn’t intuitive, downloading those files to my PC felt clumsy
  • Two files didn’t download during my test, one Rapidgator (over 2GB), the other Userscloud
  • For filehoster testing, several of the files failed temporarily for unknown reasons, but then eventually finished without my interaction
  • I was deducted 1.99GB from my ‘fair use’ allowance for a site that I didn’t download from that their hoster status page says isn’t working
  • They allow 300GB total per month for most of their filehosting sites, combined. This is their fair-use policy

I don’t want to get too nit-picky with a one-hour test, but overall I was able to download most of the files I tried to download without actually having to continually retry to download them.

I’ll have more details on the tests and videos of the download process once I’m able to write up the full Zevera review / test experience.

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